TB370 Compact Excavator

The TB370 is the first model of Takeuchi’s new generation line-up, which has been upgraded with state-of-the-art technology and a completely redesigned automotive styled interior with intuitive user operation. Features on the TB370 include 8” color touch screen, jog dial control, wraparound counterweight, multiple hydraulic lines, and large service hoods for easy maintenance. The TB370 offers a superior working range and excellent power that provides all day productivity and performance.

Product Details


EPA Tier 4 Final
DOC+DPF Exhaust After Treatment
Automatic Fuel Priming System
Dual Element Air Cleaner
Working Modes: Standard and ECO
Automatic Cold Start Device
High Capacity Radiator and Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Engine Safe Start System
90 Amp Alternator
Triple Flanged Track Rollers
2-Speed Axial Piston Travel Motors with Counterbalance Valves
Integrated Load Sensing Automatic Shift Down
Integrated Fail-Safe Mechanical Parking Brake
Automatic Slew Break with Shock-less Relief Valve
Concealed in Frame Travel Motor Hoses
High Torque Final Planetary Drives
Heavy Duty Backfill Blade with Float
Large Wrap-Around Counterweight
Power Angle Blade (Optional)
15.7" Rubber Tracks
15.7" Steel Tracks (Optional)
15.7" Segmented Rubber Tracks (Optional)
Cab with Automatic Climate Control System
Windshield Wiper and Washer
Skylight with Sunshade
AM/FM Radio with Bluetooth
8" Color Multifunction LCD Touchscreen Display
Jog Dial with Multifunction Panel
Multifunction Joystick Controls
Hand Dial Electronic Throttle Control
Rear View Camera
Pilot Control Safety Lockout System
Deluxe High Back Suspension Seat
Removable Washable Floor Mat
Cup Holder
Adjustable Arm Rests
12 Volt Power Socket
2' Retractable Seat Belt
3' Retractable Seat Belt (Optional)
Variable Displacement, Axial Piston Hydraulic Pump with Tandem Gear Pumps
Closed Center, Load Sensing Hydraulic System
Cushioned Boom and Swing Cylinders
Boom Holding Valve with Integrated Lift Overload Alarm
Hydraulic Pilot Controls
High Flow Primary Auxiliary Circuit Plumbed to Mid-Arm with Shutoff Valves
Secondary Auxiliary Hydraulic Circuit Plumbed to Mid-Arm with Shutoff Valves
Integrated Hydraulic Attachment Quick Connect System (Couple Optional)
Automatic One-Way Flow Valve for Primary Auxiliary Circuit
Automatic Auxiliary Circuit Pressure Release Feature
Pilot Pressure Accumulator Valve
Pilot Control Pattern Change Valve (ISO/SAE)
LED Work Lights
Main Boom Cylinder Guard
Long Arm with Integrated Thumb Mount
Dual Pin Position Bucket (optional)
Hydraulic Pin Grabber Coupler (optional)
Mechanical Bucket Quick Coupler (optional)
Main Pin Hydraulic Thumb (optional)


Operating Weight 14,850 lb(6,735 kg)
Slew Speed8.8 rpm(8.8 min-1)
Travel Speed - Low Range1.6 mph(2.5 km / hr)
Travel Speed - High Range2.9 mph(4.7 km / hr)
Gradeability30 deg
Ground Pressure - Cab (Rubber)5.4 psi(37.0 kPa)
Max Bucket Breakout Force14,613 lb(6,628 kg)
Max Arm Digging Force6,609 lb(2,998 kg)
Traction Force16,479 lb(7,475 kg)
Boom Swing Angle (Left/Right)79 deg / 51 deg
Auxiliary Flow - Primary Circuit31.7 gpm(120.0 L / min)
Auxiliary Flow - Secondary Circuit12.3 gpm(46.6 L / min)
Hydraulic System Pressure3,550 psi(24.5 MPa)
Make / ModelKubota V2607-CR-TE5B
Displacement159.6 cu in(2,615 ml)
Horsepower @ 2,200 rpm56.9 hp(42.4 kW )
Maximum Torque @ 1,500 rpm168.1 ft-lb(227.9 Nm)
Engine Lubrication9.5 qt(9.0 L)
Cooling System11.6 qt(11.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity29.0 gal(110.0 L)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity17.3 gal(65.5 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity36.7 gal(139.0 L)


Maximum Reach21' 11.4"(6,690 mm)
Maximum Reach at Ground Level21' 6.4"(6,565 mm)
Maximum Digging Depth13' 4.7"(4,085 mm)
Maximum Vertical Digging Depth12' 6.2"(3,815 mm)
Maximum Height of Cutting Edge21' 0.7"(6,420 mm)
Maximum Dumping Height14' 11.0"(4,545 mm)
Front Swing Radius8' 5.5"(2,580 mm)
Front Swing Radius with Boom Offset6' 8.3"(2,040 mm)
Slew Radius4' 9.4"(1,455 mm)
Transport Length19' 5.2"(5,925 mm)
Transport Height8' 4.0"(2,540 mm)
Upper Structure Overall Width6' 10.5"(2,095 mm)
Ground Clearance13.2"(335 mm)
Undercarriage Length8' 5.4"(2,575 mm)
Undercarriage Width6' 10.7"(2,100 mm)
Track Width (Rubber)15.7"(400 mm)

Takeuchi Fleet Management

2 Year Standard Service
Minimize Downtime
Remote Diagnostics
Utilization Tracking
Proactive Maintenance
Control Costs

TFM Brochure

Four Pillars


  • Kubota V2607-CR-TE5B Turbocharged Engine U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final
  • 56.9 Horsepower and 168.1 ft-lb of Torque
  • Electric Dial Type Throttle Control with Automatic Engine Idle
  • Automatic Fuel Priming System
  • Low RPM Regeneration Conserves Fuel

Hydraulic System

  • Closed Center, Load Sensing Hydraulic System
  • System Flow: 58.8 gpm
    • 1st Aux Flow: 31.7 gpm
    • 2nd Aux Flow: 12.3 gpm
    • System Pressure: 3,550 psi
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd Auxiliary Circuits Plumbed to Mid-Arm
  • 3rd auxiliary is Designed for Use with the Takeuchi Hydraulic Pin Grabber Coupler
  • Auxiliary Flow Adjustable through Monitor

Work Equipment

  • Long Arm with Integrated Thumb Mount
  • Bucket Breakout Force: 14,613 lb
  • Arm Crowd Force: 6,609 lb
  • Wide Working Range
    • Dig Depth: 13’4.7″
    • Max Reach: 21′ 11.4″
    • Dump Height: 14′ 11.0″
  • Boom Holding Valve with Integrated Lift Overload Alarm
  • Available Takeuchi Hydraulic Pin Grabber Coupler

Travel System

  • Load Sensing Two Speed Travel Motors with Automatic Step Down
  • Traction Force: 16,497 lb
  • Integrated Fail Safe Mechanical Parking Break
  • High Torque Final Planetary Drives
  • Triple Flange Rollers Provide Multiple Contact Points with the Track Making it Less Susceptible to Detracking


  • Blade Design Keeps Material Rolling to the Front of the Excavator
  • Blade Float Simplifies Backfilling and Finish Work
  • Integrated Anchor Points
  • Angle Blade Available with Bolt-on Cutting Edge

Build Quality

  • High Strength Steel Service Hoods with Heavy Duty Hinges and Locks
  • Heavy Gauge Steel K-Frame
  • Large Cylinders, Pins and Bushings
  • Oversized Slew Bearing and Ring Gear
  • Heavy Duty Swing Yoke

Added Protection

  • Wraparound Protective Coutnerweight
  • Boom Cylinder Guard
  • Auxiliary Hydraulic Lines Feature a Steel Spiral Wrap for Greater Protection

Cushioned Cylinders

  • Cushioned Boom and Swing Cylinders
  • Reduces Shock Improving Longevity of Cylinders
  • Less Felt Recoil by the Operator and Smoother Operation


  • Heavy Gauge Steel Design
  • Triple Flange Rollers Support the Track in Multiple Positions Improving Track Life and Stability
  • Upper Roller Maintains Track Alignment and Helps Shed Debris
  • Sloped Design on Track Frame Allows for Easier Clean Out and Reduces Material Retention
  • Guard Protects Track Tensioning Grease Zerk from Damage and Debris


  • Box Frame Design on the Rear of the Blade Enhances Rigidity
  • Two Gussets on Each Side of the Blade Frame Add Additional Strength
  • Blade Arms are Constructed of High Strength Rectangular Steel Tube
  • Large Steel Guard Protects Blade Lift Cylinder
  • Segmented Lines for Blade Cylinder Simplify Replacement and Feature a Steel Spiral Wrap for Added Protection


  • Intuitive Design
  • Spacious Flat Floor Area with Footrests and Removable Floor Mat
  • Deluxe High Back Suspension Seat 2″ Retractable Seat Belt Fore/Aft/Tilt/Weight Adjustments
  • Short Stroke Joysticks are Low Effort and Precise
  • Both Jog Dial and Touch Control Features

Multifunction Display

  • Large 8″ Color LCD Display that Features a Touch Screen and can be Viewed in Portrait or Landscape Positions
  • Auxiliary Flow Rate Adjustments
  • Multiple Attachment Presets
  • Unobstructed View
  • Easy to See in Various Lighting Conditions

Peace of Mind

  • Cab Design Provides Excellent Visibility Around Machine
  • Rearview Camera
  • LED Work Light Package Enhances Visibility in Low Light Conditions
  • Safe Start System Requires Lockout Level to be in the Raised Position in Order to Start the Machine
  • 2 Year/2,000 Hour Full Machine Warranty

Rear Service

  • Lockable Engine Hood Opens Overhead for Access to Daily Inspection and Maintenance Points
  • Easy Access to Engine Oil Dipstick, Engine Oil Fill and Engine Oil Filter
  • Heavy Duty Steel Hydraulic Tank with Fill, Filter Access and Sight Gauge
  • Easy Battery Access
  • Large Tool Box for Convenient Storage

Right Side Service

  • Right Side Hood is Lockable and Raises Overhead for Greater Access
  • Easy Access to Fuel Fill and Sight Gauge, Coolant Reservoir and Washer Fluid
  • Heavy Duty Steel Hydraulic Tank with Fill, Filter Access and Sight Gauge
  • Easy Battery Access
  • Large Tool Box for Convenient Storage

Forward Tilting Cabin

  • Provides Access to Control Valve, Slew Motor, Swivel Joint and Engine
  • Easy Clean Out of Upper Frame
  • Only Requires Removal of Two Cab Bolts and Engagement of Cab Release to Tilt