Steel construction and a large wrap around counterweight protect vital electrical components.

Operator Comfort

A spacious cabin with a suspension seat, adjustable armrests, and intuitive high definition color monitor enhance operator’s comfort and experience while operating the TB20e.


Reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for diesel fuel, fuel filters, engine oil, engine oil filter, fewer moving parts.


Zero emissions, low noise operation, impressive run times, performance on par with diesel powered machines, lack of idle time.

Takeuchi Four Pillars


Electric Hydraulic Compact Excavator

As Takeuchi looks to the future and how we can be better stewards of the environment, we have once again tapped into our spirit of creation and innovation and developed the all-electric TB20e compact hydraulic excavator.  The beauty of the TB20e is that it is a zero emission and low noise level compact excavator with the same performance features and capabilities as diesel powered machines in the same class.

It is ideal for use in areas that have both noise and emissions restrictions such as in and around schools, neighborhoods, hospitals, and municipalities.  An onboard charger is able to not only charge the machine during breaks and at the end of the workday, it also allows the operator to work while tethered.  Also available is an offboard charger that can be used to charge the TB20e in a relatively short amount of time.  The TB20e is work ready and demonstrates its Takeuchi pedigree through and through whether it be its rugged all steel construction and heavy-duty design, standard long arm with thumb bracket, or the retractable undercarriage which enables the TB20e to work in confined areas and pass through openings as narrow as 38.6”.

For customers wanting to reduce their carbon footprint while still being able to get jobs done on time and with minimal downtime, the Takeuchi TB20e provides an abundance of productivity and a reduction of overall operating costs that are associated with traditional diesel-powered construction equipment.


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