Daily maintenance checkpoints and service access are easily accessible on the right side of the machine through the lockable overhead service doors. Ground level access includes fuel water separator, dual element air cleaner, fuel filter, fuel fill, DEF fill, and battery. Top side access includes oil fill and dip stick, DPF and SCR, cooling module, cooling fan, and engine.


The TCR50-2’s dump bed will rotate 90 degrees to both the left and right sides making it extremely versatile when operating on jobsites with limited space requirements. Dual dump cylinders and oversized ring gear provide the power to handle even the heaviest of loads.


The TCR50-2 ‘s 18’ pad style track aids in better flotation and rides on a bogie style undercarriage featuring double flange track rollers for outstanding ride quality that makes the TCR50-2 less susceptible to de-tracking, while extending track life by distributing the carrier’s weight across the track surface.

Operator Comfort

A large side entry door, roll up front window, and sliding side windows allow work to be performed with the cabin open or closed. The TCR50-2 interior features an intuitive set of rocker switches, a 5.7” color monitor to view machine vitals, rear-view camera display, and two-speed travel with foot throttle. Pilot controls are low effort and precise, reducing operator fatigue while increasing productivity.

Takeuchi Core Four


Crawler Dumper

The TCR50-2 crawler dumper has an operating weight of 14,440 lbs and a 118-horsepower engine, making it a versatile, well-balanced dump carrier that excels in a wide range of applications. With a 65-degree dumping angle and 8,157 lb maximum loading weight, the TCR50-2 allows operators to carry up to 2.7 cu yds of material while rotating and dumping it in a single cycle. The machine’s ability to rotate the dump bed 180 degrees reduces both the need for constant repositioning and wear and tear of its rubber tracks.

The TCR50-2’s operator’s station features an intuitive 5.7” multi-information color display with standard 180° rearview camera, hydraulic joystick controls, adjustable suspension seat, powerful air conditioner, radio with USB support and large cup holder— all working together to keep operators informed, comfortable and less fatigued. Hydraulic pilot controls deliver smooth operation for both travel and dump body functions, while the foot throttle efficiently adjusts engine speed. Wide-opening maintenance covers offer exceptional access to the TCR50-2’s engine and routine inspection points. 


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