Featured Product: TB257FR Compact Excavator

Introduced in September 2020, the TB257FR is a new addition to our five-ton excavator class, with features and benefits that make it truly unique. The TB257FR has Takeuchi’s patented side-to-side boom, which allows it to dig offset over each track without having to be repositioned. Additionally, when digging offset, the rear of the machine and the majority of the counterweight stay more in line with the center of the machine for enhanced stability. With the boom stowed over center, the TB257FR can nearly rotate fully within the width of its track, making it ideal for applications that are very confined, such as road and bridge construction and work within urban areas.

TB257FR Specs:

  • Operating weight: 12,675 lbs. (canopy); 12,930 lbs. (cab)
  • Bucket breakout force: 10,431 lbs.
  • Engine: 52.3 hp and 144.3 ft-lb of torque
  • Maximum digging depth: 12’ 9.4”
  • Maximum reach: 20’ 4.6”

Operator’s station:

The TB257FR is available with a canopy or cab, depending upon your preference. Its four-post canopy provides ROPS/TOPS/OPG Level 1 Certified Protection. The cab option provides an automotive-styled interior equipped with A/C, heat, defrost, windshield wiper and washer and a skylight with a sunshade. An AM/FM/MP3 Bluetooth radio and a high-back suspension seat with head rest make operating the TB257FR more pleasant and comfortable. The cab also provides excellent visibility around the machine, while an LED work light package lets you work even in dim conditions – particularly valuable for road or utility work that must be done at night.

The engine:

Powered by a Kubota V2403-CR-TE5B turbocharged diesel engine delivering 52.3 hp and 141.5 ft-lb of torque, the TB257FR delivers exceptional power and efficiency. A DOC and DPF exhaust aftertreatment system ensures compliance with current Tier-4-Final EPA emissions standards for more environmentally friendly operation. Three working modes – standard, eco and high altitude – allow you to maximize fuel economy and power requirements. The machine’s forward-tilting cabin and wide-opening service hoods provide exceptional access for daily maintenance checks and service.

The front:

The TB257FR features a one-piece, heavy-duty, steel-reinforced boom and a standard long arm with an integrated thumb mount. Its maximum dig depth is 12 feet 9.4 inches and its maximum bucket breakout force is 10,431 lbs. The excavator features an open-center, four-pump hydraulic system with a system flow of 46.4 gpm. Three auxiliary circuits are plumbed to mid-arm, with the third auxiliary circuit designed specifically for use with Takeuchi’s hydraulic pin grabber coupler, making it fast and easy to switch out numerous available attachments. Auxiliary flow is adjustable through the machine’s multifunction monitor.

The blade:

The TB257FR has a standard, steel reinforced heavy-duty blade with a box frame design, well-protected cylinders and segmented hydraulic lines. The blade’s design allows for better material retention, keeping material rolling to the front and away from the machine. A standard blade float helps with backfilling and finish work.


Triple-flange track rollers provide at least two points of contact at all times making the TB257FR less susceptible to de-tracking. Two different track options are available – rubber tracks and steel tracks that are pre-drilled to accept rubber street pads.

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM):

TFM is a feature available on all of our current excavator models. It allows you to see a broad, real-time view of a single machine or a whole fleet, which saves time and money on maintenance intervals and service calls. TFM is standard equipment for two years of service. It is designed to remotely connect you to your Takeuchi machines. TFM provides alerts and machine information, including location, performance and maintenance data, giving you insights into where and how the excavator is utilized.


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