TL8 Compact Track Loader

The versatile TL8 is small enough to get into those tight areas, light enough to transport easily, and powerful enough to be your go to machine for landscaping and rental applications.

Product Details


EPA Final Tier 4 Emission Compliant
DOC+DPF Exhaust After Treatment
Active Power Control Power Management System
Working Modes - Power and ECO
Automatic Fuel Bleed System
High Capacity Radiator and Hydraulic Oil Cooler Mounted Side-by-Side on Swing Out Frame
Dual Element Air Filter, with Pre-Cleaner
Multi-Informational Display
Sealed Rocker Switches
12 volt System with 60 amp Alternator
Halogen Work Lights, Front and Rear
Engine Preheat
Hour Meter
Back-up Alarm
Permanently Sealed Track Rollers with Metal Face Seals
Fully Welded Frame with Integrated Cross Members
Front and Rear Tie-Down and Lift Points
2 Speed Travel
15.7" Rubber Track with Integrated Steel Cables and Forged Steel Inserts
12.6" Rubber Track with Integrated Steel Cables and Forged Steel Inserts (optional)
Tilt-up Operator's Station
Deluxe High Back Adjustable Suspension Seat
Rear Pivoting Seat Bar with Integrated Arm Rest
ROPS / FOPS Structure
Retractable 2" Seat Belt
Retractable 3" Seat Belt (optional)
3 Point Retractable Seat Belt (optional)
Pressurized Cab with Roll-up Door, A/C, Heat, Defrost and Front Wiper (optional)
AM/FM/MP3 Radio with NOAA Weatherband (optional)
Polycarbonate Door (High Flow Only)
Cushioned Boom Cylinders
Boom Float with Detent
Hydraulic Pilot Controls
Proportional Auxiliary Controls with Detent
Pressure Relieving Flat Faced Coupler Body
14-Pin Connector with Push Button Control
Hydraulic Self Leveling
Mechanical Quick Coupler
Hydraulic Quick Coupler - Cab - Standard Equipment
Hydraulic Quick Coupler - Canopy - optional
Primary Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics 18.4 gpm
High Flow Auxiliary Hydraulics 33 gpm (optional Cab Only)
Pattern Change Valve (ISO or H) (optional)


Operating Weight - Canopy8,455 lb(3,835 kg)
Operating Weight - Cab8,631 lb(3,915 kg)
Tipping Load6,020 lb(2,731 kg)
Rated Operating Capacity, SAE J818*2,105 lb(955 kg)
ROC w/ Optional Counter Weight2,323 lb(1,054 kg)
Operating Load at 50% of Tipping Load3,010 lb(1,365 kg)
Bucket Breakout Force6,856 lb(3,110 kg)
Lift Arm Breakout Force6,709 lb(3,100 kg)
Traction Force9,127 lb(4,140 kg)
Ground Pressure - 15.7" Track4.4 psi(30.2 kPa)
Ground Pressure - 12.6" Track5.4 psi(37.2 kPa)
Travel Speed - Low4.6 mph(7.4 km/hr)
Travel Speed - High6.8 mph(11.0 km/hr)
*Rated operating capacity of track loaders is rated according to SAE J818 at no more than 35% of the tipping load.
Auxiliary Flow - Primary Circuit18.4 gpm(69.5 Lpm)
Auxiliary Flow - High Flow (optional)33.0 gpm(124.9 Lpm)
Hydraulic System Pressure3,046 psi(21.0 MPa)
Make / ModelKubota / V3307-CR-Turbo
Engine Displacement203 cu in(3.3 L)
Horsepower @ 2,600 rpm74.3 hp(55.4 kW)
Maximum Torque @ 1,500 rpm192 ft-lb(260 Nm)
Engine Lubrication11.2 qt(11.8 L)
Cooling System14.8 qt(14.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity19.8 gal(75.0 L)
Fuel Consumption (65% of Full Load)2.69 gal/hr(10.2 L /hr)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity10.36 gal(39.0 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity15.3 gal(58.0 L)


Max. Lift Height to Bucket Pin9 ft 11 in(3,030 mm)
Mid-Height Reach4 ft 6.3 in(1,412 mm)
Overall Operating Height12 ft 9.7 in(3,905 mm)
Dump Height Fully Raised7 ft 9.0 in(2,370 mm)
Dump Reach Fully Raised2 ft 4.7 in(730 mm)
Dump Angle38.5°
Rollback Angle30°
Track Ground Contact Length4 ft 6.7 in(1,390 mm)
Machine Length8 ft 11.8 in(2,740 mm)
Transport Length11 ft 3.0 in(3,400 mm)
Transport Height6 ft 11.9 in(2,130 mm)
Departure Angle30°
Clearance Circle with Bucket6 ft 10.0 in(2,080 mm)
Clearance Circle without Bucket4 ft 6.0 in(1,375 mm)
Clearance Circle Rear5 ft 2.4 in(1,585 mm)
Track Width15.7 in(400 mm)
Ground Clearance12.1 in(310 mm)
Overall Width without Bucket5 ft 5.4 in(1,660 mm)

Takeuchi Fleet Management

2 Year Standard Service
Minimize Downtime
Remote Diagnostics
Utilization Tracking
Proactive Maintenance
Control Costs

TFM Brochure

Four Pillars

Heavy Lifter – Lift arm force provides outstanding lifting power.

Stay in Your Seat – Hydraulic flow is adjusted from the comfort of the operator’s seat, and attachment settings can be stored in the new monitor. Multiple work modes allow you to chose the mode suited to your application.

Powerful Drives – Double reduction planetary drives provide exceptional pushing power, delivering maneuverability, outstanding performance, and the standard two speed travel allows for increased travel speeds.

Power Plants – Powerful engines deliver excellent performance and are EPA Final Tier compliant.

Total Package – Outstanding operating capacity coupled with tremendous breakout force allow you to get the job done more efficiently.

Unparalled Tractive Force – Provides tremendous track power, allowing the machine to perform in the most demanding applications.

Tough and Dependable – Front idler rollers are robust and feature larger bearings for slower shaft speeds extending component life.

Built to Last – The heavy duty rear door is built to protect the radiator and hydraulic oil cooler from rear impacts, and will provide years of service and dependability.

Keep it Cooler – The industrial sized side-by-side radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are extremely efficient and provide unmatched cooling performance for greater component life.

Reduced Shock – Cushioning on the arm cylinders reduces shock, and protected cylinders and steel lines improve product longevity.

Purpose Built Frame – Features multiple cross members for greater strength and rigidity.

Steel to Steel Contact – Large heavy duty rollers and steel imbeds are utilized on the undercarriage for outstanding durability and value.

Machine Data – Both canopy and cab units feature a monitor panel that provides the operator with more functionality, and features coolant temperature and fuel gauges. The icons include work modes, engine fault, bucket float, and hydraulic mode.

In Control – A control pattern change valve is now available as a factory installed option, allowing the operator to choose between ISO and H pattern controls.

Comfort and Convenience – The operator’s station on the new TL8 is well appointed and spacious for outstanding comfort.

Pilot Joystick Controls – Respond immediately to operator input for greater control and performance, and they are low effort for excellent comfort.

Only the Best – A deluxe high back suspension seat is standard equipment and features several adjustments including three height settings for optimal comfort and visibility.

Maximum Comfort – The available cab is pressurized which contributes to a clean, comfortable work environment. It also includes a roll-up door that may be opened regardless of the loader arm position, and it can be secured overhead during operation.

Open Up – With a tilt back operator’s station and large removable belly pans routine maintenance and cleaning is easy to perform.

Clean Air – The dual element air cleaner and standard pre-cleaner are mounted on a tilt-up platform for easy service, and the pre-cleaner extends filter life reducing operational and maintenance costs.

Keep it Cool – The high capacity, side by side radiator and hydraulic oil cooler not only provide excellent cooling capacity, the entire module swings out for easy cleaning and inspection.

Protection and Security – The heavy duty rear door and top hood are lockable from a single point using the same key as the ignition for extra security when leaving the machine on the jobsite.

Much Better – The access panel located on the left tower provides excellent access to the hydraulic fill and filter, and the oil level is quickly checked using the easy to view sight gauge.