The Mark of Toughness

When it comes to taking a beating, standing the test of time and getting the job done right no matter what, there’s one brand of equipment whose performance speaks for itself. Because on any job site, when others are breaking down, Takeuchi is still breaking in.

It’s why these machines are celebrated for their dependability and supreme durability. For those who value uptime above all, nothing else comes close. In fact, anything else is probably in the shop.


Steel Knuckles

Whatever your project calls for, there’s a Takeuchi ready to deliver the productivity punch. Say hello to just a sampling of the lineup that always has your back.

The TB335R compact excavator features the latest technology and a sophisticated cabin with smooth, intuitive controls. It’s also the first short tail swing compact excavator in Takeuchi’s 3.5-ton class.


View TB335R Excavator

Built for the most demanding conditions, the 5-ton TB350R compact excavator brings the power and performance you expect from Takeuchi, along with greater dig depth, reach and dump height


View TB350R Excavator

Zero emissions, low noise and reduced operating costs without sacrificing performance. As our latest innovation, the TB20e electric hydraulic compact excavator gives you all that and more.


View TB20e Excavator

Along with its spacious, automotive-style interior, the TB260 compact excavator features automatic step-down travel motors that provide torque on demand while in high-speed mode.


View TB260 Excavator

From its new undercarriage design and high-torque spin turn to its long list of standard and optional features, the TL8R2 is one of Takeuchi’s most versatile and capable compact track loaders yet.


View TL8R2 Track Loader

The TL10V2 compact track loader’s quiet track design with wide-block tread reduces vibration and noise levels while improving ride quality. The cab has also been completely redesigned.


View TL10V2 Track Loader

Dig In

From a look at our full lineup, to outfitting a Takeuchi for any job, to finding one of your own, let the exploring begin.