TL12R2 Compact Track Loader

By July 8, 2019Older Posts, News

The TL12R2 provides class leading torque and horsepower (hp) with high bucket breakout and lift arm forces, making it one of the most capable compact track loaders (CTL) on the market today.

The unit provides outstanding feature sets, unmatched performance, excellent service access, versatility and great value. Here is a breakdown of why this machine is perfect for contractors working in excavating, grading and landscape as primary applications.

TL12R2 Specs:

  • Operating weight of 12,300 pounds (canopy) or 12,590 pounds (cab)
  • Bucket breakout force of 8,210 pounds
  • 2,975 pounds rated operating capacity (ROC)
  • 111.3 horsepower T4F, EPA-compliant engine
  • 284 ft-lbs of torque
  • The engine uses a DOC+DPF+SCR exhaust after-treatment system

In the Cab:
The TL12R2’s one-piece purpose built and fully welded frame is completely redesigned and three inches wider than its predecessor. Since it isn’t designed around a chain case, the machine is afforded a much higher ground clearance at 12.6 inches compared to competitors, which is typically 8 inches.

The six-way, adjustable high back suspension seat provides the user all day comfort. An overhead roll-up door allows the machine to operate opened or closed regardless of loader arm position.

With a sloped rear deck, large rear window, rearview mirror and standard rearview camera, the machine’s visibility around the perimeter is high. Our deluxe LED lighting package with replaceable visor, lights up the job site and allows you to work throughout the night.

A 5.7-inch color monitor is available for both the cab and canopy. This monitors machine vitals, adjusts auxiliary flow requirements and connects to the rear-view camera. The pilot controls are also low effort and precise for operating the machine.

The Rear:
The large lockable service hood features a heavy-duty steel door as well as an integrated bumper for additional protection. The heavy-duty side-by-side cooling module swings out to easily clean both sides.

Loader Arm & Auxiliary Hydraulics:
The TL12R2’s radial configuration features fewer maintenance points, provides better mid-height reach, greater bucket breakout and higher lift arm forces than its vertical lift counterpart. The Takeuchi model also features the largest boom cylinders on the market.

The auxiliary hydraulics are ½ inch standard flow with up to 23.2 gallons per minute (GPM) and ¾ inch high flow with up to 40.4 GPM. A 14-pin connector is standard, making the TL12R2 perfect for many different attachments.

Featuring double reduction planetary drives, the TL12R2’s undercarriage offers among the highest tractive effort in the industry. Using a combination of double and triple flange rollers coupled with the quiet ride track design, the undercarriage also offers low noise and vibration. This improves ride quality and operator comfort.

Serviceability & Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM):

Serviceability has never been easier. By simply putting the operator’s station in the upright position, you have access to:

  • Remote filter group
  • Hydraulic components
  • Emissions aftertreatment
  • High capacity hydraulic oil tank with in-cab sight glass

Additionally, the machine has an outboard battery access for quick and easy change.

Our TFM telematics system comes standard on the unit. This allows the owner to view machine vitals, location, utilization, performance and maintenance data remotely, and can be instrumental in ensuring machine uptime and availability.

Call your local dealer to check out a TL12R2 today!