The Right Fleet, and the Right Relationships

By June 6, 2017Older Posts

Kissick Construction Co. – located in Kansas City, MO. – is a self-performing, heavy civil contractor who’s not afraid to take any challenge head on. They do so with years of experience and the knowledge that they have the right fleet to get the job done. The company thrives on the belief that success is the result of treating others fairly and with respect and never saying, “we can’t do it” to a client.

Kissick Construction celebrated their 20th year in business this year after co-founders Jim Kissick III and Pete Browne opened the doors back in 1994. The Kissick name is fondly known in Missouri, with many generations of the family dating back to 1896 having operated their own construction companies in the Kansas City area. Construction and entrepreneurialism simply runs through the Kissick blood.

Kissick Construction, who specializes in critical construction environments with a focus on earthwork, utilities, structural concrete and foundation piling, has set themselves up with superior resources that allow them to handle large, multi-disciplined projects while also providing personal service.

They purchase their machines, equipment and parts from Victor L. Phillips Co.—a certified Takeuchi dealer—whom they have had a very close relationship with since they began working with each other 18 years ago. Victor L. Phillips Co. (see previous article on the company here) has been a family-owned and operated company since 1911, and is a great match for Kissick Construction who both share similar values when it comes to running a company.

“Working with the people at Victor L. Phillips has been nothing but outstanding and I say that from a sales, service, and parts standpoint,” said Rick White, equipment manager at Kissick Construction. “It has been a fantastic and long relationship, and a relationship that not only our company is loyal to, but I am personally loyal to as well.”

Victor L. Phillips first started offering Takeuchi machines in 1994, the same year that Kissick Construction Co. opened, and carries their entire lineup of machines. The dealer services many contractors in their territory from heavy highway contractors to landscapers and Takeuchi has grown to be one of the company’s most popular equipment lines.

Victor L. Phillips first introduced Kissick Construction to the line of Takeuchi track loaders back in 2002. Kissick purchased a TL150 and were impressed by its high productivity. In the coming years, they decided to upgrade to a newer model, purchasing the TL250. They now have 18 TL250’s in their fleet, purchasing their last one in 2013 and are looking to buy more in the coming year.

“The Takeuchi TL250 is far and above any competitor in terms of power and performance and there is no other machine made that will compare to it in controllability and power,” White said. “Just being able to move dirt quickly is something we really like about the track loader. It is a performance beast, it really is. When you care primarily about performance, there is nothing close to it.”

For a company that never turns their back on a customer, Kissick Construction knows that they are in good hands with a large reliable fleet in their backyard and a great dealer that always has their back. This combined with their own expertise makes saying yes to any challenge that much easier.