TB335R & Hammer Attachments

By January 26, 2023Winter 2023 Issue 34

Takeuchi continues to provide our dealer network and customers with unrivaled products delivering exceptional reliability, performance, operator comfort and advancements in innovation and technology.

The Takeuchi TB335R is our first compact excavator in the 3.5t class to feature a short tail swing which allows the operator to have better visibility around the machine, work in more confined areas and worry less about rear swing impacts. When compared to the TB235-2, which has a rear swing overhang of over 21” over the side of the tracks, the TB335R has a rear overhang of only 3.1”.

Features of the TB335R include:

  • 3” high-definition multifunction color monitor (canopy models only)
  • 8” touchscreen multifunction color monitor with integrated air conditioner and radio functions (cab models only)
  • Intuitive jog dial for easy navigation and control of the multifunction monitor and other machine functions from your fingertips. Simple, one-touch control switches operate machine functions such as work lights, wiper, washer, ECO mode, 1st auxiliary circuit detent and lift overload alarm
  • Deluxe, high-back, six-way-adjustable suspension seat and adjustable arm rests
  • Low-effort pilot controls
  • Large floor area for greater leg and foot room and integrated footrests to ensure operators stay comfortable and productive all day
  • Primary auxiliary circuit delivering more than 17 gpm at 3,050 psi, making it capable of operating a wide range of hydraulically driven attachments.

Operator comfort is a key pillar and design concept for Takeuchi; however, performance and versatility were equally as important when developing the TB335R. The TB335R weighs 7,970 lbs. in canopy configuration and 8,310 lbs. when equipped with a cab. It is powered by a Kubota V1505-E4B diesel engine that is U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final compliant, delivering 24.4 hp and more than 70 ft-lb of torque. Perfectly matched to the Kubota engine is a four-pump hydraulic system for smooth, harmonized control of the work equipment. The TB335R provides a bucket breakout force of 9,172 lb., traction force of 9,105 lb. and a maximum dig depth of 10’ 6.2”.

Both canopy and cab configurations are equipped with a primary auxiliary circuit plumbed to mid-arm. The cab configuration includes a dedicated coupler circuit that runs down the top of the arm and terminates in a manifold block, making it simple to install a hydraulic pin grabber coupler. To control the coupler once installed, the operator simply depresses the plunger to the right rear of the floor and the trigger on the left joystick, simultaneously engaging the third circuit.

Ensuring maintenance and service work are easy to perform decreases maintenance time and increases the likelihood that it will be done correctly. This was designed into the TB335R by providing a wide-opening, rear-engine service door and a
right-side cover that opens overhead. These features ensure easy access to key daily inspection points like the engine oil dipstick, engine oil filter, coolant reserve tank, dual element air cleaner, fuel water separator, hydraulic oil sight gauge, fuel tank, battery and cooling module. Both steel-constructed hoods are lockable to discourage vandalism and theft.

The TB335R is a welcome addition to the growing and evolving line-up of Takeuchi  products. We believe the TB335R is an excellent opportunity to provide your customers with a machine that delivers outstanding features, unmatched performance, excellent serviceability and great value.

In addition to the TB335R, Takeuchi also launched an expansive line of hydraulic hammers that share the same design criteria as Takeuchi excavators and track loaders. The Takeuchi hydraulic hammer line features models that will work with all our hydraulic excavators and track loaders, from the TB210R to the TB2150 and the TL6R to the TL12V2. Takeuchi hammers are divided into three classes: compact, medium and large. The compact series includes the TKB52S, TKB72S and the TKB102S, which will pair with the TB210R to the TB230. Medium-class hammers include the TKB302S, TKB402S, and the TKB802S. These three models will be the bulk of your sales and will mount to models ranging from the TB235-2 to the TB290. Rounding out the line-up is the largest hammer, the TKB1702S, and it is designed to pair with the TB2150 and TB2150R.

Compact and mid-size hammers include a moil point and a chisel tool, while the TKB1702S will include one chisel tool.  A key feature of the Takeuchi hammer line is the fact that all models are oil fired rather than the traditional nitrogen gas-fired versions. Having an oil-fired hammer means that there will be no need to recharge the accumulator over its life cycle as the hammer will maintain its power. Depending on the model, standard features across the line-up include: a single body suppressed sound design, membrane type accumulators, constant blow energy and an integrated tool bushing and thrust ring. Additionally, the TKB1702S features a standard auto greaser, dual greasing channels for upper and lower tool bushings, VIDAT tie rods and easy IBP adjustment (Idle Blow Protection).

The TB335R and hydraulic hammer line-up are welcome additions to the growing and evolving range of Takeuchi  products. These products provide our dealers with an excellent opportunity to offer their customers Takeuchi equipment that delivers outstanding features, unmatched performance, excellent serviceability and great value.