TB250-2 Hydraulic Excavator

By March 18, 2019Older Posts, News

The TB250-2 is the newest hydraulic excavator in the Takeuchi lineup. The machine provides Takeuchi with a true 5-ton excavator offering that is well suited for a wide range of applications including landscape, general contracting and rental.

TB250-2 specs include:

  • Operating weight of 10,957 pounds (canopy) or 11,288 pounds (cab)
  • Bucket breakout force of 10,430 pounds
  • Dig depth of 12 feet 4.8 inches
  • 39-horsepower T4F, EPA-compliant engine
  • The engine uses a DOC and DPF exhaust after-treatment system
  • Auxiliary hydraulics are plumbed to mid-arm, providing up to 24.2 GPM

Our Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM) telematics system comes standard on the unit. This allows the owner to view machine vitals, location, utilization, performance and maintenance data remotely, and can be instrumental in ensuring machine uptime and availability.

The machine also features a four-pump hydraulic system, providing multifunction capability and precision pilot joystick controls that deliver smooth, metered performance.

“It’s a closed, pressurized system that really keeps all the dirt, moisture and other contaminants out and extends the overall life of the hydraulics. The functionality you get with the four-pump system allows you to perform several different functions at the same time. The TB250-2 also boasts an oversized steel hydraulic tank for better cooling and heat dissipation.” says Mike Ross, Director of Product.

The color monitor on the TB250-2 allows hydraulic flow rates to be adjusted from the cab, along with presets allowing attachments to be exchanged quickly. “It doesn’t load up one pump, which then needs to be split out,” says Ross. “You get dedicated flow to each function, which really gives folks the ability to run the machine more effectively, because they’re not waiting on priorities going to one function over another.”

The unit gets into the high flow range at 24.2 GPM, which allows the operator to run several different attachments. “Most competitors in that size are going to be around 18 to 20 gallons, so we’re very happy to be up in the highest hydraulic capacity with this machine,” says Ross.

Not only will the operator be more productive with this machine, but also more comfortable in the spacious cabin. The automotive-styled interior is equipped with a high capacity HVAC system for comfort throughout the year, as well as a Bluetooth AM/FM radio with MP3 auxiliary port, 12-volt outlet, cupholder and easy-to-use rocker switches provide control of a wide range of functions. Easy to read in varying light conditions, a large multi-function color monitor keeps the operator informed of machine health and performance. The deluxe high back suspension seat features multiple adjustments for height, weight, fore and aft positions and tilt for greater comfort and customization.  Dozer blade with float function is standard equipment.  Angle blades are available as a factory option.

Serviceability of the TB250-2 is easy to perform due to the large hoods, which open overhead providing access to key daily inspection points, pattern change valve, selector valve, control valve, battery, and toolbox. All grease points are clearly marked and easy to locate down one side of the machine. The fuel fill is located behind a lockable access panel and features a site gauge to simplify refueling.

Call your local dealer to check out a TB250-2 today!