TB240 Hydraulic Excavator: Product Highlight

By December 17, 2018Older Posts, News

The TB240 provides powerful performance in the four-ton class. With its outstanding serviceability, spacious cab and solid build quality, this machine can handle even the most challenging job sites. Highly versatile, the TB240 is ideal for applications such as general contracting, utilities, landscaping and rental.

TB240 specs include:

  • Operating weight of 8,570 pounds
  • Bucket breakout force of 9,959 pounds
  • Dig depth of 11 feet, 4 inches
  • 8-horsepower T4F, EPA-compliant engine
  • The engine uses a DOC and DPF exhaust after-treatment system
  • Auxiliary hydraulics are plumbed to mid-arm, providing up to 17.1 gpm of flow

The Arm

The TB240 is equipped with a heavy-duty construction swing boom, allowing operators to dig offset on both right and left sides of the machine without needing to reposition. This makes it easy for the unit to fit in tight spaces along walls and structures. Additionally, hoses and the cylinder guard are well protected for added durability. 

A heavy-duty, steel-reinforced blade features a well-protected cylinder and segmented hydraulic lines. This design allows for better material retention and keeps material rolling away from the machine. A standard blade float helps with the final finish and grade work.

The Tracks

While a majority of Takeuchi competitors use only single or double flange tracks, the TB240 features triple flange track rollers. The triple flange maintains at least two points of contact at all times, making it less susceptible to de-tracking. Adjusting track tension is made simple by removing the steel guard to access the secured grease fitting located on each side of the undercarriage.

For applications requiring more torque, load-sensing travel motors automatically shift into low range.


Like all Takeuchi machines, rear engine access makes daily checks and routine maintenance points convenient, including the filters, large side-by-side cooling module, hydraulic tank, pattern change valve, one-way flow selector and battery access.

Operating Station

The TB240 comes in cab or canopy configurations. Both are spacious with great visibility, built with the operator in mind. The cab and canopy include an automotive-style interior and deluxe suspension seats that offer before, after, weight, height and tilt adjustments. The cab comes standard with HVAC and Bluetooth radio.

Operators are able to monitor machine vitals with a multi-informational display. The TB240 features low-effort and precision full-pilot controls, improving productivity and reducing operator fatigue.

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM)

TFM, a telematics system, comes standard on all excavators for two years at no additional cost. TFM provides a variety of data points, including machine health and condition, run time and machine location. The user-friendly TFM system can help reduce downtime, control costs, perform remote diagnostics and schedule maintenance.

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