Takeuchi: Turning Synergy Into Results

By October 2, 2018Older Posts, News

Takeuchi today is truly a global company, with groups in the U.S., U.K., France, China and our home base in Japan. The subsidiaries mostly operated separately from each other, but then three years ago the Takeuchi brand banded together with a singular, worldwide vision. The move was made to strengthen our brand, with the deepest impact ultimately felt by our loyal customers.

The Global Agenda

Our initial move to unify began seven years ago when our U.S. team used its experience and talent to provide training and marketing materials to all the locations. The materials were well received and sparked what would become the global branding movement for our company. It began with service and product training, and then continued with marketing efforts.

The biggest driver for our agenda was to present a common message on a common platform. However, in the process, we quickly realized that the collaboration allowed us to reduce duplicate efforts and expenses.

The Global Impact

As the liaison between our U.S. group and our parent company in Japan, I meet with them every 60 days and with other distributors quarterly. During these meetings we discuss common goals and needs to be implemented.

During this time, I have most certainly seen a change for the better around our brand. Having a common message, look and feel worldwide creates a much more recognizable name for Takeuchi and helps us operate more fluidly.

As I alluded to, our approach is more than just about our company. It is centered on our customers. U.S. customers are seeing the benefits with our ability to now offer world-class systems and approaches to business.

In addition, our meetings allow our team to learn from the best practices of our global partners. Plus, our global synergies are reducing costs, which is good for everyone’s bottom line.

Up Next

As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. The actions centered on our message, look and feel are allowing us to see an uptick in the voice of our brand.

And we’re not done yet. Our global initiative team is working on an exciting array of new ventures. From battery-operated machines to hybrids and more, using and developing technology has never been more important. The same can be said about product support, and we’re taking action by rolling out a global telematics and global product support system. Stay tuned for future details.

Great things happen when all of our distributors worldwide work together for a common message on a common platform. No matter which metric you look at — sales, distribution, market share, cutting-edge designs and the latest technologies — the commitment to a global brand has made Takeuchi much stronger. And we’re just getting started.

– Clay Eubanks, President at Takeuchi US