Takeuchi Launches New Line of Hydraulic Hammers

By October 12, 2022News

ATLANTA, GA (Oct. 12, 2022): Takeuchi has added seven sound-suppressed hydraulic hammer models to the Takeuchi Attachment Program, helping compact track loader and compact excavator owners accomplish even more with their machines.

“Hydraulic hammers are invaluable attachments for breaking up asphalt, concrete, rocks and other hard materials,” said Lee Padgett, product manager for Takeuchi-US. “Contractors and others who perform demolition and excavation will find these hammers match perfectly with a wide range of Takeuchi machines. And, because our hammers are sound suppressed, they can be operated in quieter environments with less noise disruption throughout the surrounding area.”

Takeuchi’s new hydraulic hammer line includes seven models with excellent power-to-weight ratios suitable for a variety of applications. The TKB52-S, TKB72-S and TKB102-S are compatible with compact excavators ranging from the TB210R to the TB230. The TKB-302S, TKB402-S and TKB802-S work well with compact track loader models ranging from the TL6R to the TL12V2/R2 and compact excavator models ranging from the TB235-2 to the TB290. Finally, the TKB1702-S is compatible with the TB2150 and TB2150R compact excavators.

Providing excellent noise and vibration insulation, the sound-suppressed design of every Takeuchi hammer also protects it from dust and debris. Constant blow energy, or “CBE” allows for a wide range of oil flow settings and protects the hammer against high back pressure. An integrated, membrane-type hydraulic accumulator eliminates nitrogen leakage and the need to recharge for lower operating costs and consistent impact energy.

The compact and medium hammer range feature fewer internal parts and no tie rods, as well as a 3-in-1 lower tool bushing, for enhanced durability and simpler maintenance. A single retaining pin makes it easier and faster to replace the tool and tool bushing onsite when necessary. Swivel couplings on the medium-range TKB302-S, TKB402-S and TKB802-S models allow hoses to move freely, reducing the load on both the hoses and hose couplings for longer component life.

“Our new hydraulic hammers offer the same quality and durability that our dealers and their customers have come to expect from Takeuchi,” Padgett said. “Rest assured, when you purchase or rent a Takeuchi-branded hammer, you’re getting a reliable, dependable attachment that can improve your uptime and productivity.”

For more information on Takeuchi dealers, visit the Takeuchi dealer page. For more information on Takeuchi track loaders, excavators and wheel loaders, visit www.takeuchi-us.com. Follow Takeuchi on Facebook or on Twitter @TakeuchiMFG.

About Takeuchi

Takeuchi is an ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of an extensive line of compact track loaders and compact excavators. Founded in 1963, Takeuchi was the first company to introduce the compact excavator, setting the stage for one of the highest growth product segments ever introduced in the compact equipment market. The compact excavator has become a main line product for both rental and construction/utility companies. Takeuchi continued to lead the compact construction industry with the introduction of the first compact track loader to North America.

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