R & R Land Construction: Learning on the Fly

By July 8, 2019Older Posts, News

After performing auto body and full collision repair for 23 years inside his own shop, Quinton Goss is venturing outdoors in a brand-new compact track loader.

In the rural town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi, business can sometimes run slow. Such is the case for Goss Auto Body and Paint, so Quinton started looking around for other things that could keep him busy while still allowing him the flexibility of working in his shop. That’s when he spotted the brand-new tractor across the street.

It got his wheels spinning.

Venturing Out

Goss’ neighbor started his own business, using the tractor to trim limbs. It quickly picked up steam. After all, when the work is good, word travels fast in a small town. “I periodically hit a lull at the shop, and I wanted something that could fill that void. Not long after my neighbor bought his tractor, he really hit the ground running with all of the duck and deer hunting camps around the area,” says Goss.

After a few conversations with his neighbor, Goss recognized that the area had a need for brush cleanup. Goss has always been handy and, despite not having field or machine operation experience, he put together a business plan specializing in land clearing and tree and stump removal.

“Part of my plan was to not interfere or be a direct competitor to my friend, and instead work alongside him,” says Goss. “So, he cuts down limbs hanging over and I clean up the ground or field. It’s a win-win for both of us.”

First things first: if he was going to be successful, he needed a powerful machine to perform the heavy hitting.

The Search for a Mighty Machine

Goss searched for forestry mulching equipment on the internet, but, it was tricky to narrow down online without ever even lifting a finger in a machine. So, Goss called a friend who worked on a large plantation. “My buddy said, ‘Man, you need to go with Takeuchi — the machines run well, and Williams Equipment will take good care of you’,” says Goss.

And that’s just what he did. Goss headed over to Williams Equipment in Jackson, Mississippi and purchased a TL12R2 compact track loader (CTL), the largest CTL in the Takeuchi lineup.

“I had never operated one before, but within just a few minutes I was rolling,” says Goss. “I instantly felt like I was a professional and, being a car guy, I love the 111 horsepower in the machine. It is powerful and perfect for what my company needs.”

Just like that, R & R Land Construction was born.

Downtime is Killer

Like any machine, maintenance is crucial for the longevity of a CTL. A small business like R & R needs reliability. Maintaining a machine like the Takeuchi TL12R2 can be a daunting task for many novices, but not for Goss.

After years of body shop experience, maintenance feels like second nature. “I quickly understood all of the working parts as soon as I dug into the machine,” says Goss. “Treat it right and it will be good to you for years to come. There isn’t really another option, because without my CTL, my operation doesn’t exist.”

Balancing Act

Things are still pretty fresh to Goss since opening his small business in October 2018, but he is just on the cusp of it exploding.

He’s his own one-man operation, so Goss’ biggest job is balancing his schedule inside the shop and out in the field. Scheduling is even harder with travel involved. In less than a year, he has covered several areas throughout Mississippi as well as areas in Louisiana.

Mississippi has been pounded with rain this year, which is putting a wrench into some of Goss’ plans. “There has been a lot of flooding in the Mississippi Delta this year that has kept me from getting to a lot of my work, and the standing water isn’t expected to recede until the end of July,” says Goss. “I have jobs lined up in my book, but I have to wait for it to dry up.”

Goss is a go-getter, owning two successful businesses the best way he knows how: with a little hard work and determination. In the spring, he hired his first employee to perform dirt work in the TL12R2.

And come late summer, when the water finally recedes, he is already contemplating a second machine in his arsenal. Despite some murky floodwaters, the future is bright for Goss.