One Man Rental Machine

By June 6, 2017Older Posts

At General Rental in Tolland, Conn. Jeff Candito has one employee; himself. Candito is the owner, president, CEO, CFO, technical support and equipment manager. On Saturdays his son Kevin helps out with technical expertise as well as accounting and finance, but Monday through Friday, Candito finds himself wearing several hats, and trying to keep his head above water.

General Rental was established in 1992, but Candito didn’t buy the company until December 13, 2006. When he first started at the rental house customers’ were mostly homeowners. Previously Candito was a road mechanic, working for United Rentals and brought in the equipment he worked with when he started at General Rental. The clientele quickly transitioned from homeowners to contractors.

With a team of one, Candito knows and fully understands the value in having durable and reliable equipment and parts – just one of the reasons he goes with Takeuchi as a manufacturer. Takeuchi machines featured in General Rental’s lineup include the TB007, TB228 and two TB135 compact excavators, as well as a TL130 track loader.

“Takeuchi was all United Rentals ran and that is where I got into them – bringing in the Takeuchi line to General Rental was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” Candito said. “The customers love the machines, they are some of the best machines out there. Takeuchi offers the Cadillac of the minis and I say that confidently and so would my customers. We love the quietness and the smoothness of operation.”

Other than the Takeuchi compact excavators, General Rental offers a wide variety of construction tools and equipment, as well as garden tools and party supplies.

There is little doubt that Candito is a busy man, but his operation has been successful since the previous ownership handed over the keys to him back in 2006. For Candito, every day presents a new challenge, but for someone who wears many hats, he adapts. With years of experience and reliable equipment at the forefront, he meets those challenges head on. He’s a one-man rental machine.