Logjam: T&B Trucking and Excavating Clears Out Fully Grown Trees From River

By May 2, 2017Older Posts, News

A jack-of-all-trades, T&B Trucking and Excavating of Hurdland, Missouri, works on a multitude of jobs, from putting in sidewalks to working on storm sewers, grading and more. Every day is a new experience, and for a company consisting of two employees, times are busy, but business is good.

In 2013, Barry Schrage and his wife Tara officially formed T&B. The couple know they can tackle any type of work thrown at them, especially with Takeuchi on their side. Barry learned all the ropes from his father, who owns BRS Construction.

When the Schrages decided to open T&B, they needed a machine to assist on upcoming jobs. They turned to Takeuchi after Barry’s father bought a skid steer.

“We knew we needed an excavator that was powerful but small,” Barry said. “Knowing that my father’s skid steer performed well, I was confident that the TB175 would be as reliable.”

Purchasing the TB175 was an easy decision for Barry, and it wasn’t long until he was able to test out its abilities. Most recently, T&B was called upon a job where their Takeuchi was the only machine for the task.

When a logjam occurred in Nodaway County, the Schrages loaded up and took their TB175 with them, knowing they may be in a tight situation. A pile of brush and several logs needed to be removed, so they relied on their Takeuchi to clear them. With the machine’s power and compact size, the entire job was completed within a day and half.

“Any machine smaller than the TB175 and it would have taken much longer, but anything bigger than the Takeuchi would not have fit in that space. It was the perfect size for the job while still maintaining a great deal of power,” Barry said.

With the TB175, the job was relatively effortless and Barry was impressed by the strength it showed. “The work area wasn’t that big and only had enough room for me to sit there,” he said. “The excavator was small enough to fit in the area and had enough power to pull fully grown trees out of there.”

According to Barry, the most challenging part of the job was getting started, as well as getting a large stump out of the river. But, once the stump was removed with the help of a second machine and the logs were cut to a length the TB175 could handle, it was smooth sailing on the river from there.

T&B currently has only two machines, both Takeuchi TB175 excavators. “They are very smooth to operate. The bucket feels like an extension of your own hand,” Barry said. “They are well-balanced with plenty of power and they dig quickly.”

A hardworking company deserves a hardworking machine, and with Takeuchi by his side, Barry has the confidence to take on any job. They may be small, but together, they are mighty.