Goodman Excavation: Powered by Takeuchi

By July 6, 2018Older Posts, News

For brothers Brett and Brad Goodman of Goodman Excavation, Inc., there is no time to waste when a machine breaks down.

“Every day is harvest for us in the excavating business,” says Brett Goodman.

This is why they rely on Takeuchi machines to get the job done and Central Illinois Ag to keep their machines working at full capacity.

In 1926, Vernon Goodman started V Goodman Transfer and Excavating, a trucking and excavating dealership. His two sons, Walter and Larry, later took over the company, running the business as a team. Larry taught his boys, Brett and Brad, the family’s trade at young ages.

For Brett, he always wanted to work for the family business. “When I was little, I used to sleep behind the seat of the excavator,” he recalls. In 2007, the brothers became fourth generation owners of the family’s company and decided to change the name to Goodman Excavation, Inc. to reflect their focus on commercial excavating.

The demolition and excavating of a storm sewer for the rebuilding of its own equipment dealer Central Illinois Ag, in Atlanta, Illinois, is among the projects the company has completed.

The Goodman family has used Takeuchi machines for over 15 years. After renting a TL130 for a few jobs, the machine’s power, versatility and impressive finished product spurred the family to become Takeuchi customers. Within a month of purchasing its first Takeuchi machine, a TL130, the company added a TL150 to its fleet.

As Goodman Excavation began tackling projects requiring more compact machines, they looked for equipment that could easily navigate in tight conditions. Today, they run two TL8 compact track loaders (CTL).

The transition from bigger machines to smaller was easy for Brett because of the similar equipment frames. “It is like an old pair of shoes, you just get in it and go,” he says of trying the new equipment out on the day he bought his first TL8.

With a compact size, the TL8 makes it the ideal machine for working inside new building footprints. Brett and Brad use the CTL for backfilling and grading interiors to easily maneuver around pipes and structural steel on the worksite.

The operator comfort, low maintenance needs and reliability of the brand’s products make the family-owned business loyal to Takeuchi.

The fifth generation ranges from ages one to nine. Similar to their fathers, they cannot get enough of the shop and its equipment. “Brad and I have a love for what we do and we would be very happy if our children decided to carry on our family’s legacy,” Brett shares.

— Story Written by Central Illinois Ag