Feature Product: TB260 Hydraulic Excavator

By December 6, 2019Older Posts, News

The TB260 hydraulic excavator provides outstanding feature sets, unmatched performance, a wide working range, excellent service access and versatility. The conventional tail swing excavator makes for an incredibly stable digging platform in addition to offering a larger cabin and outboard service access.

TB260 Specs:

  • Operating weight: 12,125 pounds (canopy) or 12,645 pounds (cab)
  • Bucket breakout force: 12,756 pounds
  • Horsepower (hp): 47.6 hp
  • Maximum reach: 20 ft 6.9 in
  • Maximum dig depth: 12 ft 9.4 in

Inside the cab:

You will find plenty of comfort and space inside the TB260, featuring one of the industry’s largest cabins with an automotive-style interior. Standard features include a deluxe high-back suspension seat, low-effort pilot controls, a 5.7-inch color monitor, HVAC and a Bluetooth radio.

Multiple operating modes allow you to maximize fuel economy while matching power requirements to the job.

The rear:

With the service hood up, you have easy access to the daily service points and filters, control valve, hydraulic lines, hydraulic tank, pattern change valve, battery and side-by-side cooling module.

The engine is Tier 4 Final and meets all current EPA emissions standards using a DOC and DPF exhaust aftertreatment system.

Loader arm & auxiliary hydraulics:

Heavy-duty construction of the swing boom allows the unit to dig offset on both the left and right sides of the machine without repositioning. This is ideal for confined spaces including walls and structures. For added protection and durability, the swing boom offers well-protected hoses and a cylinder guard.

A high-flow auxiliary circuit and a secondary auxiliary circuit are standard equipment, increasing versatility by making the TB260 an outstanding platform for use with a wide variety of hydraulic attachments. Primary and secondary auxiliary hydraulics are plumbed to mid-arm providing up to 27 gallons per minute (gpm) of flow on the primary circuit and 11.6 gpm of flow on the secondary circuit.

The blade:

A standard, steel-reinforced heavy-duty blade features a box frame design, well-protected cylinders and segmented hydraulic lines. The design of this blade allows for better material retention and keeps material rolling to the front and away from the machine. A standard blade float helps with final finish and grade work.


The TB260’s triple-flange track rollers maintain at least two points of contact at all times, making it less susceptible to detracking.

Three track options are available with this unit, including rubber, segmented rubber and steel. The steel option is pre-drilled to accept bolted-on rubber pads. Load-sensing travel motors automatically shift into low range for applications requiring more torque.

To adjust track tension, you simply remove the steel guard to access the well-protected grease fitting on each side of the undercarriage.

Takeuchi Fleet Management (TFM):

TFM is a feature available on all of our current excavator models. It allows you to see a broad, real-time view of a single machine or a whole fleet, which saves time and money on maintenance intervals and service calls.

TFM is standard equipment for two years of service. It is designed to remotely connect you to your Takeuchi machines. TFM provides alerts and machine information, including location, performance and maintenance data, giving you insights into where and how the excavator is utilized.

Find your local dealer to get in the cab of a TB260 today!