Earthmovers Grades and Excavates With Help From Takeuchi

By December 19, 2016News

In 1997, Glenn Zirpolo co-founded Earthmovers Excavation with Buddy Fields in Adamstown, Maryland. The two set out to create a company that specialized in grading, excavation, and digging work. Nineteen years later, Earthmovers continues to be a staple in the excavating business, serving a broad area from Maryland to Virginia.

Earthmovers strives for exceptional professional performance, and when it comes to skid steers and excavators, Zirpolo and his employees have a preference: Takeuchi. “It’s simple. Takeuchi delivers the best performance,” says Zirpolo, vice president at Earthmovers. “They’re incredibly durable, maintenance is rarely needed, and they’re affordable.”

From site prep to grading to excavating, Earthmovers does it all, and Takeuchi plays an important part. The company depends on 20 employees and over half a dozen Takeuchi machines. And their loyalty to Takeuchi continues year after year. “We’ve purchased four new Takeuchi machines this year between Earthmovers and my other company, Groom Lawn,” explains Zirpolo. “We use them because we trust them. We trust them because we can rely on Takeuchi’s engines, and because we couldn’t finish a project without them.”

Earthmovers and Groom Lawn work closely together as Earthmovers handles all the grading, excavation, and digging work, while Groom Lawn comes in to lay sod and take care of the landscaping. At both of Zirpolo’s companies, Takeuchi machines are used on a daily basis. Between the two sister companies, 15 Takeuchi machines make up over half of the fleet. “Our guys work hard every day and so must our machines,” Zirpolo adds. “We continue to use Takeuchi because they can take on any job.”

Whether it’s a small local project or a larger homebuilding job, Earthmovers counts on Takeuchi to provide quality results. “We’ll continue doing business with Takeuchi in the future,” Zirpolo says. “Not only are the machines dependable, the customer service is exceptional.” According to Zirpolo, personal connection and face-to-face business are important – and both Earthmovers and Takeuchi thrive on this type of interaction.