Job Story: Retrofitting the Industry

By May 10, 2023News

Takeuchi’s manufacturing facility in Moore, South Carolina was pleased to partner with Cartercon to renovate the old conveyer systems allowing the new assembly line to be installed. Roughly one thousand yards of dirt had to be removed from beneath the existing conveyer and filled in with concrete to install the new slat conveyer. This new state of the art conveyer system is designed to increase the productivity and output of Takeuchi’s production.

Cartercon based out of Blythewood, South Carolina was established in 2015. Catercon is a high power and efficiency company specializing in retrofitting industrial plants. Catercon places a large focus on keeping the industries daily operations running while construction is active. Kevin Quinn, Operations Manager for Cartercon relies on Takeuchi equipment for its safety, durability, efficiency, and reliability. Takeuchi equipment is always ready to work.

Tony Bonetti, Takeuchi’s Production Engineer Manager was proud to be able to partner with a construction team that sees the value in Takeuchi equipment as much as he does. It was vitally important to Takeuchi that track loader production be able to continue during the construction process. Takeuchi would like to say a special thank you to the Cartercon crew for completing this project in a timely and professional manner.