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Built to Last. Built to Lead.

Engineered to do more than endure, Takeuchi Compact Excavators outlast, outwork and outperform year after punishing year. Think 5,000 hours is a milestone? For these guys, that’s a Tuesday.

With Takeuchis in your fleet, you’ll have more than equipment. You’ll have an ironclad partner built to put utilization and ROI on a level that stories are made from.


Ready to Rumble

Weighing in at 1 ton to 15 tons, Takeuchi’s world-class lineup is 18 excavators strong and counting. Each one is built with more steel than good sense and engineered to turn just about any job anywhere into just another day at the office. Check out all of our excavators today.

Man using a TB20e Compact Excavator with a Breaker

Zero emissions, low noise and reduced operating costs without sacrificing performance or durability. As our latest innovation, the TB20e Electric Hydraulic Compact Excavator gives you all that and more.


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Takeuchi TB250-2 Digging in the Dirt

Our newest model in the 5-ton weight class, the TB250-2 brings the power and reliability that only comes from Takeuchi, along with easy-access service points for quicker inspection and maintenance.


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Takeuchi TB2150R Compact Excavator Digging

The TB2150R is the largest excavator in our lineup features the latest technology and a sophisticated cab with smooth, intuitive controls to keep productivity and peace of mind at its peak year-round.


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Dig In

From a look at our full lineup to outfitting a Takeuchi for any job to finding one of your own, let the exploring begin.