TW60 Series 2 Wheel Loader

Compact and nimble, the TW60 Series 2 is well equipped to handle a wide range of jobs and attachments. A universal hydraulic skid steer coupler enables the TW60 Series 2 to utilize a wide range of skid steer attachments and it is easiliy controlled from the operator’s station. The quiet and turbocharged engine is equipped with a DOC/DPF exhaust aftertreatment system and produces 61 horsepower (45.6 kW) for excellent power and performance around the job site. 100% locking differentials can be engaged at low speeds allowing the operator to work in varied terrain and extreme conditions. Daily maintenance and inspections are simple to perform on the TW60 Series 2 due to the engine hood that opens overhead providing access to key inspection points and grease points that are easily accessed on the loader and articulation points.

Product Details


EPA Tier 4 Compliant
DOC / DPF Exhaust After Treatment
Water Cooled
Dual Element Air Cleaner
Heavy Duty Radiator and Hydraulic Oil Cooler
Electronic Engine Monitoring System Includes High Beam Indicator, Turn Signal Indicators, High Speed Indicator, Directional Lights Fwd / Rev
12 volt System with 55 amp Alternator
Work Lights: Front and Rear
Driving Lights and Turn Signals
Engine Preheat
Back-up Alarm
Hydrostatic Drive with 100% Inching Pedal
100% Locking Differentials: Front and Rear
Outboard Planetary Drives
2 Speed Travel
Spring Applied Parking Brake
Multi-Wet Disc Brake
High Speed Travel 17.4 mph (28.0 km/h) (optional)
15-19.5 Heavy Duty Construction Tire Assembly (optional)
Priority Steering
Auxiliary Hydraulic Lines Plumbed to the End of the Loader Arms
Auxiliary Hydraulic Detent
Hydraulic System Test Ports
Hydraulic Oil Level Sight Gauge
Loader Arm Float
Heavy Duty Hydraulic SSL Style Quick Attach Coupler
Z-Bar Linkage
Bucket Float Function
Heavy Duty Self Aligning Loader Bushings with Oversized Pins
76.5" General Purpose Bucket
Bolt-on Reversible Cutting Edge for 76" Bucket (optional)
Flat Face Hydraulic Couple Kit with Case Drain and Pressure Release Knob
Enclosed Cab with Air Conditioning, Heat, Front and Rear Wipers, Front and Rear Washers, and Rear Defrost
Deluxe Lighting Package for Work, Driving and Signal Lights
Elevated Operator's Station
ROPS / FOPS Level 1 Protection
Multi-Functional Joystick for Machine Direction (FWD/REV) and Loader Controls (Raise, Lower, Curl, and Dump)
Suspension Seat
Large Steps and Grab Handles


Operating Weight - Cab10,692 lb (4,850 kg)
Tipping Load, Straight6,689 lb(3,034 kg)
Tipping Load, Full Turn5,906 lb(2,679 kg)
Operating Capacity, SAE J818*2,953 lb(1,340 kg)
Bucket Breakout Force6,294 lb(2,855kg)
Lift Arm Breakout Force6,002 lb(2,722 kg)
Traction Force8,818 lb(4,000 kg)
Travel Speed - Low Range4.0 mph(6.5 km/hr)
Travel Speed - High Range12.4 mph(20.0 km/hr)
Optional High Speed Travel17.4 mph(28.0 km/hr)
* Rate Operating Capacity (ROC) for wheel loaders is rated with a bucket
according to SAE J818 at no more than 50% of the full turn tipping load.
Auxiliary Flow - Primary Circuit15.2 gpm(57.5 Lpm)
Hydraulic System Pressure3,408 psi(23.5 MPa)
Make/ModelYanmar 4TNV86CHT-MAW
Engine Displacement128.0 cu in(2.1 L)
Horsepower @ 2,300 rpm61.2 hp(45.6 kW)
Maximum Torque @ 1,800 rpm146.0 ft-lb(198.0 Nm)
Engine Lubrication7.8 qt(7.4 L)
Cooling System8.9 qt(8.5 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity16.2 gal(61.5 L)
Fuel Consumption (65% of Full Load)3.4 gal/hr(12.8 L/hr)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity10.8 gal(41.0 L)
Front Axle Lubrication4.9 qt(4.6 L)
Rear Axle Lubrication4.6 qt(4.4 L)


Max. Lift Height to Bucket Pin10 ft 9.7 in(3,294 mm)
Dump Height Fully Raised7 ft 5.0 in(2,263 mm)
Max. Reach Fully Raised2 ft 2.4 in(670 mm)
Dump Angle46°
Rollback Angle43°
Overall Length with Bucket17 ft 7.1 in(5,360 mm)
Overall Height8 ft 6.4 in(2,599 mm)
Overall Operating Height12 ft 4.3 in(3,766 mm)
Bucket Clearance Height9 ft 8.7 in(2,964 mm)
Wheel Base6 ft 6.7 in(2,000 mm)
Ground Clearance20.5 in520 mm)
Overall Width without Bucket6 ft 3.0 in(1,905 mm)
Outside Turning Radius12 ft 1.3 in(3,690 mm)
Inside Turning Radius6 ft 5.3 in (1,840 mm)
Recommended Bucket Width76.5 in(1,943 mm)

Four Pillars

Stay Informed – The multi-function dash keeps the operator aware of machine performance and vitals.

Excellent Power – The Yanmar 4TNV86CHT-MAW engine is turbocharged, EPA Final Tier 4 compliant and delivers outstanding power, quiet operation, excellent performance, and fuel efficiency.

Complete Functionality – multi-function joystick allows the operator to control all loader and directional functions, and it now includes a proportional thumb wheel for greater auxiliary hydraulic functionality.

Operator Convenience – The hydraulic universal skid steer mount improves attachment versatility and is easily controlled from the operator’s seat for quick and easy attachment exchanges.

Be in Control – Travel speed may be controlled using the 100% inching pedal which allows the machine to be brought to a crawl/stop reducing wear on the brakes.

100% Differential Lock – Can be engaged at low speeds on both the front and rear axles (up to 4.0 mph)and delivers outstanding traction performance in the most demanding applications.

Strong and Durable – The outboard planetary drives allow for larger bearings to be utilized and house oil separately from the differentials.  This keeps the oil cleaner and reduces heat extending component life and durability.

Powerful Performer – The exceptionally strong and durable Z-bar loader linkage features powerful breakout forces, heavy lifting capabilities, and it is ideal for excavating and stock pile loading.

Keep it Cool – The side-by-side, high capacity cooling module allows the machine to run cooler and more efficiently for greater component life and performance.

Heavy Duty Axles and Center Pin Oscillation – Provide excellent durability, stability, and ground clearance.

Simple and Durable – All cylinders are mounted on spherical bearings that are durable, easy to replace, and have no alignment issues.

Protect the Rear – The rear counterweight provides excellent stability, features a low profile design, and protects the engine and hydraulic components from damage.

Year Round Comfort – Factory air conditioner and heater are standard equipment on the Series 2 compact wheel loaders providing a comfortable operator’s environment throughout the year.

Well Appointed Cabin – Features a single lever control for loader and travel functions, and deluxe cloth mechanical suspension seat with adjustments for weight, fore/aft, and tilt.

Comfortable Steering Position – The steering wheel is positioned to ensure operator comfort and control.

See More – The elevated operator’s station provides excellent panoramic visibility for greater peace of mind.

Easy Entry and Exit – The large grab handle and well positioned non-skid steps allow the operator to enter and exit the cabin securely and easily.

Open Up – The rear engine cover opens to the rear providing outstanding access to key maintenance points.

Easy Access – The hydraulic tank, radiator, and air cleaner are protected and easily accessed under the engine hood.

Low Maintenance – The Yanmar 2.1L turbocharged engine is EPA Final Tier 4 compliant and low maintenance.

Simplified Maintenance – Grease points are easily identified and accessed on the loader and articulation points improving serviceability and minimizing downtime.

Secure for Transport – Large anchor points on the rear counterweight and loader frame allow the machine to be easily secured for transport.