TW60 Series 2 Specs

Operating Weight - Cab10,692 lb (4,850 kg)
Tipping Load, Straight6,689 lb(3,034 kg)
Tipping Load, Full Turn5,906 lb(2,679 kg)
Operating Capacity, SAE J818*2,953 lb(1,340 kg)
Bucket Breakout Force6,294 lb(2,855kg)
Lift Arm Breakout Force6,002 lb(2,722 kg)
Traction Force8,818 lb(4,000 kg)
Travel Speed - Low Range4.0 mph(6.5 km/hr)
Travel Speed - High Range12.4 mph(20.0 km/hr)
Optional High Speed Travel17.4 mph(28.0 km/hr)
* Rate Operating Capacity (ROC) for wheel loaders is rated with a bucket
according to SAE J818 at no more than 50% of the full turn tipping load.
Auxiliary Flow - Primary Circuit15.2 gpm(57.5 Lpm)
Hydraulic System Pressure3,408 psi(23.5 MPa)
Make/ModelYanmar 4TNV86CHT-MAW
Engine Displacement128.0 cu in(2.1 L)
Horsepower @ 2,300 rpm61.2 hp(45.6 kW)
Maximum Torque @ 1,800 rpm146.0 ft-lb(198.0 Nm)
Engine Lubrication7.8 qt(7.4 L)
Cooling System8.9 qt(8.5 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity16.2 gal(61.5 L)
Fuel Consumption (65% of Full Load)3.4 gal/hr(12.8 L/hr)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity10.8 gal(41.0 L)
Front Axle Lubrication4.9 qt(4.6 L)
Rear Axle Lubrication4.6 qt(4.4 L)

TW60 Series 2 Dimensions

Max. Lift Height to Bucket Pin10 ft 9.7 in(3,294 mm)
Dump Height Fully Raised7 ft 5.0 in(2,263 mm)
Max. Reach Fully Raised2 ft 2.4 in(670 mm)
Dump Angle46°
Rollback Angle43°
Overall Length with Bucket17 ft 7.1 in(5,360 mm)
Overall Height8 ft 6.4 in(2,599 mm)
Overall Operating Height12 ft 4.3 in(3,766 mm)
Bucket Clearance Height9 ft 8.7 in(2,964 mm)
Wheel Base6 ft 6.7 in(2,000 mm)
Ground Clearance20.5 in520 mm)
Overall Width without Bucket6 ft 3.0 in(1,905 mm)
Outside Turning Radius12 ft 1.3 in(3,690 mm)
Inside Turning Radius6 ft 5.3 in (1,840 mm)
Recommended Bucket Width76.5 in(1,943 mm)