TB230 Specs

Operating Weight6,360 lb(2,885 kg)
Maximum Bucket Breakout Force6,471 lb(2,935 kg)
Maximum Arm Digging Force2,900 lb(1,325 kg)
Arm Length4 ft 9.0 in(1,445 mm)
Slew Speed10.3 rpm
Traction Force6,340 lb(2,876 kg)
Ground Pressure4.3 psi(29.6 kPa)
Travel Speed - Low1.8 mph(2.9 km / hr)
Travel Speed - High3.2 mph(5.2 km / hr)
Total Hydraulic Flow24.2 gpm(91.6 L / min)
Auxiliary Flow - Primary Circuit13.4 gpm(50.6 L /min)
Hydraulic System Pressure3,046 psi(21.0 MPa)
Make / ModelYanmar / 3TNV88F
Displacement81.0 cu in(1.3 L)
Horsepower @ 2,400 rpm24.4 hp(18.2 kW)
Maximum Torque @ 1,440 rpm63.0 ft-lb(85.4 Nm)
Engine Lubrication5.0 qt(4.7 L)
Cooling System4.2 qt(4.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity12.2 gal(46.0 L)
Fuel Consumption (65% of Full Load)0.8 gal / hr(3.3 L / hr)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity9.2 gal(35.0 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity14.8 gal(56.0 L)

TB230 Dimensions

Maximum Reach15 ft 10.9 in(4,850 mm)
Maximum Reach at Ground Level15 ft 5.4 in4,710 mm
Maximum Digging Depth9 ft 3.6 in(2,835 mm)
Maximum Vertical Digging Depth7 ft 0.8 in(2,153 mm)
Maximum Dig Height14 ft 7.0 in(4,450 mm)
Maximum Dumping Height10 ft 7.2 in(3,230 mm)
Front Swing Radius6 ft 2.7 in(1,895 mm)
Front Swing Radius with Boom Offset4 ft 11.2 in(1,505 mm)
Tail Swing (Slew) Radius4 ft 4.4 in(1,330 mm)
Transport Length15 ft 0.9 in(4,595 mm)
Transport Height8 ft 3.9 in(2,540 mm)
Ground Clearance11.9 in(305 mm)
Undercarriage Length6 ft 2.9 in(1,900 mm)
Track Width (Rubber)11.8 in(300 mm)
Undercarriage Width4 ft 9.5 in(1,460 mm)