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DPF Maintenance Options

Michael Ross, Director of Operations, Takeuchi-US

Diesel engine technology continues to evolve, and as it becomes more and more advanced, it is critical for owners and operators to understand the new components of these machines, as well as the proper maintenance procedures needed to keep them performing at their best.  

Like other iT4 equipment on the market, our TL10 and TL12 track loaders feature a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which is designed to remove diesel particulate matter, namely ash and soot, from the exhaust of the engine. This technology drastically reduces emissions, but the filters need to be regularly cleaned or replaced after approximately 3,000 hours in order to keep those emissions down, and keep the machine operating at peak performance. Takeuchi offers a couple of different options to help our customers manage their DPF maintenance schedules.

DPF Cleaning Program

Our DPF Cleaning Program provides dealers the ability to send in dirty diesel particulate filters and have them professionally cleaned. Our cleaning process removes approximately 98% of all soot deposits in the filters—this allows customers to reuse filters instead of replacing them, and can be a cost-effective component of an overall maintenance plan. No exchanges or swap outs, the filters will be directly returned to the dealer. We can clean filters with diameters ranging from 170mm – 400mm (6.6” – 15.7”).

How it works

Fill out a downloadable DPF Cleaning Order Form, pack up the filter and send it to us, and that’s it! Once we get it, the DPF will be visually inspected for any cracks or damage. If no damage is found, the DPF will be thoroughly cleaned with a DPF cleaning machine. Once cleaning is complete, filter tubes will be evaluated using a pin-drop test. We are able to provide a very quick turn-a-round, with product being cleaned and shipped within one standard business day from receipt.

Reconditioned DPF Core Exchange Program

We also offer another alternative to costly new filter replacement. Our Reconditioned DPF Core Exchange Program provides dealers the ability to purchase reconditioned DPF core filters that have been thoroughly cleaned and tested. Dealers can also receive a core credit for returning their dirty filter, and reconditioned replacement filters are covered under our standard New Parts Warranty Policy.

How it works

The reconditioned filters can be ordered in the same manner as all other Takeuchi Genuine OEM Parts via the Dealer Portal, by fax (706-693-3700 – Attn: Parts Order Entry), or by phone – (706-693-3600). 

To send in a used filter core for replacement, a DPF Core Credit Return Form is available to be filled out and sent in with the filter. Once we receive the core filter, it will be inspected for damage and thoroughly cleaned, with the filter tubes being evaluated to verify serviceability. Core credit will only be given if the returned filter is serviceable and no damage is detected.

As innovation leaders, we strive to remain at the forefront of the latest technological advancements, and we want our customers with us every step of the way. These programs can help dealers add additional value to their relationships with their customers, and help to keep low-emission diesel engines performing optimally.

For more information on our DPF Cleaning or Core Exchange programs, talk to your local Takeuchi representative.


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DPF Maintenance Options

Director of Operations Mike Ross gives us the run-down on Takeuchi’s DPF Cleaning and DPF Core Exchange Programs.