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A Unique Company in a Unique Situation

Most rental companies will specialize in either construction equipment, or event rentals. Interestingly enough, Pella Rental & Sales of Pella, Iowa has a different model—they do both, and they do it really well.

Starting in 1999, Pella Rental & Sales was founded by husband and wife, Arvin and Gay Terlouw. Today, the business is primarily being handled by their son and daughter, Brad and Anne Terlouw. “It’s a family-owned and operated business,” Brad says. “It’s been that way since I can remember.”

Like many “mom & pop” rental houses, Pella Rental & Sales started out small, with a modest fleet of construction and dirt work equipment. “We’ve just always focused on the needs of the community,” Brad explains. “That’s why we’ve been so successful over the years.” That’s also why they’re in the event rental business too. “Pella, Iowa is home to a couple of really large companies—namely Pella Windows and Vermeer Corporation,” he continues. “These companies are always hosting big events, and there wasn’t anyone else in town to supply them with the things they needed. Even today, they make up most of our event rental business.”

According to Brad, Pella is currently in a very unique situation. “Housing booms haven’t been on anyone’s radar in a while, but that’s exactly what’s happening here,” he says. “With so much construction going on in the area—both residential and commercial—it’s been difficult to keep our rental fleet on the lot. Obviously, that’s a good problem to have.”

“With the large amount of construction projects going on, we have a lot of crews coming from out of town, and many of them need to supplement their equipment fleets while they’re here on the job,” Brad continues. “These guys come onto our lot and ask for Takeuchi equipment by name.”

Pella Rental & Sales has been carrying Takeuchi compact equipment since the early 2000s, and Brad has no trouble saying why. “Our first Takeuchi machine was a TB135 compact excavator, and it’s over ten years old and it’s still running fine,” Brad explains. “Our newest machine is a TL230 that we bought at The Rental Show last year.”

“These crews come in from out of town, and know just how reliable these machines are. They know what they’re getting,” he says. “I have a rented Takeuchi TB235 that hasn’t been back onto our lot in over a year and a half, except for basic maintenance. That should tell you how profitable these machines can be in a rental fleet.”

Brad says that Pella Rental & Sales has lots of Takeuchi Equipment, but you wouldn’t always know it. “We own several Takeuchi track loaders and compact excavators, and they’re almost always off the lot. Their power paired with their compact size make them perfect for residential sitework, and there’s plenty of that going on here.”

Pella Rental & Sales is in a truly unique situation, but they are poised for success, and with nearly 15 years behind them as a company, they will surely have many more successful years ahead.


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