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Building a Legacy in the City of Big Shoulders

Established in 1940, Beverly Asphalt Paving Co. has been doing its part in building the great city of Chicago, Illinois for over 70 years. If the city’s bustling streets could talk, they’d surely tell you about the countless miles of asphalt that this family-owned and operated business has laid over the years. Just thinking about the progress and development that has occurred in a city like Chicago over the last 70 years, it’s hard to imagine one family being there for it all. 

“We are a small family-owned and operated company,” says Mike Larson of Beverly Asphalt. “My aunt and uncle own the business—I work with my dad, my brother, my sister, my cousins. We’re all in the business together.”

We caught up with Beverly Asphalt while they were working on a project in the South Loop, a Chicago neighborhood that has continued to grow and develop consistently over the last several years. A lively neighborhood with shops, restaurants and plenty of new condo developments, the South Loop shows constant increases in residents and steady job creation. The neighborhood continues to attract new residents with unique mixed-use housing/retail developments like the Roosevelt Collection, and the nationally renowned Showplace ICON theatre—the highest grossing movie theatre in the Midwest.

As more people choose to live and work in the area, the needs of the neighborhood are starting to change. We spoke with Mike Larson while he and his crew where grading a new parking lot on S. Clark Street.

“We’re grading a parking lot for a new Mariano’s grocery store,” Mike explains. “They’ve opened a bunch of them in the Chicago area, out in the suburbs—they’re really popular.  We’re laying some stone in the parking lot today, getting ready for the asphalt work.”

With over 70 years in the business, Mike Larson and his family know what they’re talking about when it comes to grading. That’s why they choose Takeuchi equipment. “We recently purchased two Takeuchi TL240 track loaders. They’re great for dirtwork and for working with stone,” he says. “The machines are really easy to operate, and don’t get stuck like a skid steer or wheel loader would. We are using CA-7 stone out here today, which has no screenings, and our TL240 is pushing the stone around and performing perfectly.”

Mike didn’t stop there. “The Takeuchi machines are really versatile,” he adds. “They’re powerful too—you can really feel it while you’re in the cab.”

When Beverly Asphalt needs equipment, they go to McCann Industries. Another Chicago veteran, McCann Industries has been serving Chicago contractors since it was founded in 1967. Now, they have seven locations in and around the Chicago-land area, and represent over 400 suppliers and manufacturers, with some of the best service in the Midwest.

Since 1940, Beverly Asphalt Paving Co. has played a part in paving the City of Big Shoulders, and it looks like Mike Larson and his family will continue to do so well into the future.


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