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Lean & Mean in Annapolis, Maryland

You won’t find D.L. Miller Backhoe Service in the phonebook, and that’s just the way they like it. “Keeping a low profile” isn’t usually listed as a sound business strategy, but it has certainly worked for D.L. Miller. “All of our business is through word of mouth,” explains Dave Miller, Owner of D.L. Miller Backhoe Service, Inc. “We aren’t in the phone book, we’re not on Facebook or Twitter—I don’t even have an email address,” he continues. “We’ve been in business for 34 years, and have never had more than five employees at a time. We are more about quality than quantity.”

Lean and mean is the name of the game for Dave Miller, and has been from day one. Located in Annapolis, Maryland, D.L Miller Backhoe Service has been in operation for nearly 35 years. They work with the city of Annapolis, MD, as well as Anne Arundel County on utility projects. They also work with several residential homebuilders doing site work—grading, excavating for sewer, water and storm drains—they even do some road work. “If a builder has a small stretch of road that he needs laid for a neighborhood development, we’ll grade it and pave it,” Dave explains.

Dave has been in the business for a long time, but you won’t find him sitting behind a desk. “I’m the guy that’s in the cab of a track loader every day,” says Dave. “I’m out on the job with my guys on every job. With a small team like ours, we need everyone on their feet.”

When your office is the cab of a track loader, comfort is key. “Takeuchi machines are so comfortable, I could sit in one all day. Sometimes I do.” Dave says. Takeuchi’s ergonomically designed operator stations all have comfortable high-back seats with adjustable height and suspension, and many models include pressurized cabs with upgraded HVAC, radios and other premium features. “Comfort means productivity, and it makes a world of difference,” he continues.

“They are also really easy to operate—the joystick pilot controls are smooth and responsive.” Dave currently owns three Takeuchi track loaders, a TL220, TL230 and a TL250, and uses them with a variety of attachments for land clearing and dirt work. “Takeuchi track loaders are as reliable as they come, and they are the toughest machines out there. We take a lot of pride in our work, and having the right equipment for the job goes a long way.”


Dealer Profile: McCann Industries

McCann Industries has 7 locations in the Chicago metro area, and is one of the largest equipment dealers in the northern Midwest.


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The Importance of Regular Service Intervals

Contracts are more competitive than ever, and you need your equipment running at peak performance every minute of the day when you’re on the job.