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Holmes Rental Station's Keys to Success

Holmes Rental Station opened its doors in 1997, with the goal of becoming East Central Ohio's most trusted source for construction equipment rental. With locations in Sugarcreek and Millersburg, Ohio, the crew at Holmes has made a commitment to work hard meeting the highest standard of customer service through reliable rental equipment and quality equipment in sales. From the large rental consolidators to the recession, the rental industry has seen a lot of changes throughout the last 16 years. Holmes Rental Station continues to excel with contractors by going above and beyond to meet the needs of their customer.

“It all starts with a great team,” says Henry Beachy, founder of Holmes Rental Station. “My sons, Jason and Nate, manage both of our locations—they’re the guys that really make things happen, and we’ve made it a point to hire the right people and give the them the freedom to make the right decisions for the customer.

“I think our customers see that throughout the whole rental process,” adds Holmes. “We treat them like royalty when they call and make to contact them regularly when the equipment is out on rent. If a contractor does have a problem with a rented machine on the job, we do our best to have someone there to look at it within two hours. I believe those efforts have helped us fend off some of the larger consolidated rental companies.”

Beachy extends that commitment to his customers by offering a fleet of equipment that he knows his customers will enjoy operating. “These guys spend a lot of time operating our equipment and should expect to do it in comfort,” adds Beachy. “That is one of the big reasons why we started working with Takeuchi. Our customers rave about the cabs on the TL230 — they are roomy, comfortable and have excellent visibility.

“Of course it’s not just about comfort, our customers want reliable machines too,” says Beachy. “We’ve found that our Takeuchi compact track loaders and excavators are among the most reliable units in our fleet. They are very easy to maintain — change the oil, keep the tracks tight and the machine greased. We absolutely love those machines.”

Beachy’s customers like running Takeuchi loaders and excavators too. Holmes has a fleet of Takeuchi excavators, including a TB016, TB235 and TB285. He estimates those units are out on rental 75 percent of the year.

“We have one customer that has had a TL230 compact track loader out on rent for just over a year, says Holmes. “They like the climate-controlled cab because it’s warm in the winter and cool in the summer. We offered to sell them that machine but they would rather rent. We think that speaks volumes for the job we do in our commitment to our customers. They know we’ve given them a fair price, provided outstanding equipment and given them with a level of service makes renting a better option than buying.”

Whether you’re a rental store owner or a contractor looking for a good rental partnership, Holmes Rental Stations has created a great business model - Value the relationship you have with your customer, give them equipment they want and provide outstanding service. A business model like that can withstand competition and anything the economy can throw at it.


The New TS Series Skid Steer Loaders

At The Rental Show 2013 in Las Vegas Nevada, Takeuchi US introduced the all-new TS Series skid steer loaders.


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