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Helping Communities Move Forward After Hurricane Sandy

Last October, the largest Atlantic hurricane on record hit the eastern seaboard of the United States, damaging communities from Florida to Maine. As images of the worst devastation, particularly in New York and New Jersey, hit television screens across the country, people wondered what it would take to rebuild these communities, or if it was even possible. Luckily, once emergency services and aid did their part in alleviating the worst of the situation, countless contractors were ready to rebuild — one of which was Ace House Movers, Inc.

Ace House Movers of New Kent, Virginia specializes in moving homes and other structures from low-lying flood planes, and placing them on higher ground. Established in 1986 by father-and-son Gabor Tarjan and Gabor John Tarjan, Ace House Movers is a family-owned and operated business. “My father and I started the company when I was two years out of high school,” says Tarjan. “We’ve been moving all sorts of buildings ever since.”

Gabor is currently partnering on several projects with friend and fellow building mover Guy Davis, of Davis Construction House & Building Movers, Long Island, NY. “We’re moving homes on Long Island due to storm damage from Hurricane Sandy. We’ve been working non-stop for the last several months,” explains Tarjan. “Some of these neighborhoods were destroyed in the storm, and when it comes to our customers, we’re not just moving a building—it’s their home, and that’s a big deal for people.” Tarjan went on to explain that even though it is such a sensitive situation, once a project is complete the homeowners are very happy. “Once a house has been moved, life can start to go back to normal.”

“Our services have been in extremely high demand out here since the storm,” Tarjan says. “Sadly, this type of situation invites a lot of unqualified contractors into the mix. But we’ve been doing this for almost thirty years, so we can assure our customers that the job will be done right.”

When it comes to getting the job done, Tarjan and Davis choose Takeuchi equipment for the toughest dirtwork. “I bought my first Takeuchi track loader in 2004, and I currently own two TL150s, and a new TL230 and TL250.” Takeuchi came recommended to Tarjan by two friends of his who had owned them and worked with them in the past. He bought his Takeuchi equipment from White Oak Equipment Inc. in Fredericksburg, Virginia and he hasn’t looked back since. “Takeuchi machines are powerful, reliable, and can really take a beating. I’ve had no problems with the machines at all,” Tarjan added. “They’re lightweight, easy to load up on my trailer, and they can handle just about anything you can throw at them.” Guy Davis owns a TL250 as well, and just recently purchased a new TL230.

Hurricane Sandy was a true tragedy, but it’s good to know that there are guys like Gabor Tarjan and Guy Davis out there who are ready and willing to get to work, and help people move forward.


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