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On Track - Innovative Solutions in The Windy City
– Jim McCann

What originally started as a concrete forms distributor in 1967, McCann Industries has since become one of the leading equipment distributors in the Upper Midwest. In addition to providing contractors with the tools they need to get the job done right, they are also big on providing outstanding customer service. That’s why they have been a Takeuchi dealer for almost 20 years.

Known for thinking outside the box, and fueled by a passion to provide the best product for their customer, McCann Industries frequently comes up with some very interesting, job-specific innovations. Most recently, they were at the forefront of a very unique project for their customer, Meade Electric. Meade was selected by the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) to upgrade a railroad track, and soon discovered that the work would require a compact excavator outfitted with rail gear.

Richard Hoffmeyer, Product Support Manager for McCann Industries, hung up the phone with their customer, Meade Electric, and spearheaded this unique project by immediately getting his team to work designing this cutting-edge apparatus. Being a strong believer in Takeuchi equipment himself, Jim McCann, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for McCann Industries, knew right away that the Takeuchi compact excavator would be the best machine for the job. Within 30 days, McCann delivered a fully functional Takeuchi compact excavator, complete with rail gear, to the Meade Electric job site.

The TB 145 has been on the jobsite since May, and continues to work like a charm, moving along the rails with ease thanks to the apparatus that was outfitted by McCann Industries. Meade Electric and McCann Industries have been truly pleased by the performance of the Takeuchi equipment. No surprise to McCann, the machine can easily position the electrical components, and is able to perform all of the necessary grading, digging, and filling that is required on site.

The project itself is part of the “Building a New Chicago” program, a $7 billion dollar infrastructure program initiated by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. This particular project, the Loop Track Renewal involves replacing more than two miles of elevated rail and track components that were installed in the 1980’s. This $33.8 million project will provide a more efficient, safer service for CTA customers. To effectively minimize the impact on users of the elevated rail system, most work has taken place on weekends.

As for McCann, this is not his first rodeo with Takeuchi. When Meade Electric presented their issue to Jim McCann, he knew right away that using Takeuchi for this project would be the correct choice. “Takeuchi is a great brand,” he explains. “They’re durable, rugged machines that hold their value very well.” Having been an equipment dealer for Takeuchi since the mid-90’s, it’s important for the machines to perform well each and every time they get sent to a job site.

McCann Industries serves a wide range of folks, including dirt and excavating contractors, utility contractors, and landscapers. According to Jim, his customers are very pleased every time a Takeuchi machine arrives at a site. Various contractors over the years have commonly referred to the equipment as “bullet-proof.” That, combined with excellent factory support, unmatched power, and operator comfort are the reasons why McCann Industries will continue to provide the full line of Takeuchi equipment for a long time. 


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