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75 Years of Exceptional Service
Medico Industries - Phil Medico

If you ever need quality construction equipment in Eastern Pennsylvania, we know someone you can call.

Medico Industries has been in business for 75 years offering up construction equipment with a side of exceptional customer service. Between their operations in Wilkes-Barre and Stroudsburg, they pretty much have over half of The Keystone State covered.

Representing a number of brands, like Case, Kawasaki, and Atlas Copco, the management decided to start carrying the full line of Takeuchi track loaders and compact excavators in 2005. Since then, it has proven to be a very powerful tool in Medico’s arsenal of construction equipment. Carrying the full line of Takeuchi equipment actually came as somewhat of a “happy accident” for Medico Industries management. As Phil Medico, Sales Representative with Medico Industries puts it, “We initially took on the Takeuchi line because of their track loader. After being very satisfied with the power and performance of the track loader, we tried out the compact excavator and fell in love with it,” he explains.

As we learned from our conversation with Phil, this works out wonderfully for their customers, which include municipal contractors, utility contractors, quarries, and general construction contractors. Although not everyone knows of Takeuchi right away, according to Medico, “I never seem to sell one Takeuchi machine to anyone. Once they buy one, they buy another.” It’s not an uncommon occurrence for one of Phil Medico’s customers to come in and thank him for introducing them to Takeuchi. 

As we know, one of the driving forces that has kept Medico Industries in business for 75 years has been their commitment to customer service. This is a tradition that has been around the organization since it’s inception. “The customer always comes first,” explains Medico. It’s about supplying the customer with the product and the service that they need, and then exceeding the expectations.  That’s basically what my great uncle and grandfather started with and we’ve carried that on today,” Medico adds. The tradition of providing outstanding construction equipment to their customers continues with the relatively new incorporation of the Takeuchi line.

And speaking of tradition, one of the reasons why Phil Medico really appreciates Takeuchi equipment has to do with the fact that the Takeuchi family has a strong tradition in engineering excellence. According to Medico, “Mr. Takeuchi is an engineer himself, and is extremely proud that he engineered a product that is superior to the other excavators and track loaders on the market.” 

In addition to a dedication to engineering, other features that set Takeuchi equipment apart from the competition in Medico’s point-of-view can be summed up in just a few words: power, performance, warranty, and durability. Medico industries is a rental house that focuses on selling value, so any line that they carry has to be durable enough to perform for every customer at every job site. In that respect, Takeuchi equipment certainly does not disappoint. “The Takeuchi is a remarkably durable machine compared to the other machines on the market,” claims Medico. 

In addition to all of the features of the machine itself, Medico is also pleased with the support they receive from them manufacturer themselves. Phil Medico is a man who knows how to dish out healthy doses of customer service, so when he’s on the buying end of a transaction, he likes to know he is being taken care of as a customer, too. “We have an excellent Takeuchi rep named Dale Keller,” says Medico. “That being said, we don’t really have any problems or issues with the equipment, so we don’t need to contact Dale that often!” (Side note: you can meet Dale Keller in last quarter’s In The Know in the product feature video).

When you add it all up, great rental houses offer great products, and it is without a doubt, a good fit between Medico Industries and Takeuchi. Very simply, in Phil Medico’s opinion, “We’ve been very happy with Takeuchi, and they’re been a great line for us.”


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