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Generations of Success
Earth Art Inc – Nick Termini

Our nationwide search for die-hard Takeuchi fans took us to Rockwall, Texas where we had an opportunity to speak with Nick Termini, the operations manager of Earth Art Inc. Serving the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, Termini and his team of landscaping professionals have been providing exceptional customer service for over 25 years.

“We started like most landscaping companies by mowing yards and pastures, and we kept getting requests for dirt work,” explains Termini. Once they incorporated dirt work into their arsenal of services, the company really took off from there. Now, the primary focus of Earth Art Inc. includes landscape design and installation, construction and hard-scape installation, sprinkler installation and repair, and dirt work. Along side Termini is his trusted fleet of Takeuchi equipment.

Earth Art Inc. first discovered the quality and power of Takeuchi machines when a sales representative from Takeuchi stopped by one of Termini’s job sites with a TL150 strapped to a trailer. “I was digging a pond with a competitive brand, switched to the Takeuchi, and I was just blown away by the power of it,” adds Termini. Since that fateful day, the company uses primarily Takeuchi equipment. “I bought it on the spot. In fact, they didn’t want to sell it because it was the demo unit. I had the salesman call the sales manager right then and there, and I bought it right off the trailer. From that point on, we were sold on Takeuchi.” 

Make no mistake, Termini has used his fair share of competitive equipment, and in his own words, the other brands simply “had a lot of maintenance issues.” Earth Art Inc. prides itself on having a top-notch fleet of equipment to help them get their work done. Occasionally, that requires Termini and his team to test out competitive equipment. In fact, not too long ago, Termini was testing out a competitive compact excavator, but as the company operations manager puts it, “we haven’t had anything that can even come close to comparing with our Takeuchi machines.”

To prove his point, he even shared a story with us about his Takeuchi equipment getting a competitive machine out of a sticky situation. “I was trying out a competitive machine, and I actually got their machine stuck,” he explains. “I moved the Takeuchi over, pulled it out, and drove the Takeuchi over the same trench, and it kept on going.”

In addition to cutting down on maintenance costs for his fleet, Takeuchi machines have proven to be more powerful and productive for the Earth Art Inc. crew. “It cut my time down by about 60%,” claims Termini. Being able to cut down his on-site time by more than half allows Termini to pass on those savings to his customers. Considering that, it’s no big secret that Earth Art Inc. has quickly become one of the premiere landscapers in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.

When they’re not transforming bare backyards into beautiful landscapes in the Dallas – Fort Worth area, the staff at Earth Art Inc. helps to fight crime for their customers as well. Termini shared a story about how at a customer’s house, Termini’s team helped foil a robbery in progress.

 Termini gives a step-by-step of the incident: “A customer was out of town, and there was a moving truck in the front of the house. It looked suspicious, and I saw that the front door was open. I parked my truck in front of the moving truck and called another truck to come and block him in from the back. We essentially boxed him in and called the police, and sure enough they were robbing the house.”

It’s all in a day’s work for Nick Termini and his team. Here’s to the very capable team of landscapers, dirt movers, and crime-stoppers at Earth Art Inc. 


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