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Innovations for Optimized Attachment Performance
By David Caldwell, Product and Training Manager, Takeuchi US

Job diversification has become critical to many contractors looking to keep their businesses competitive, and the ability to easily utilize and change out a variety of carrier attachments can help contractors grow their businesses and increase profitability. When looking at investing in a hydraulic excavator or another piece of equipment, it’s important to understand its potential to make you money. These machines are designed for versatility and ease of use, and contractors are relying on these machines equipped with various attachments more than ever.

The Takeuchi Advantage

There are several features that have been incorporated into Takeuchi’s excavator designs in order to optimize attachment capabilities and performance. First and foremost, all Takeuchi TB Series excavators feature standard auxiliary hydraulic circuits, and most models feature standard attachment (thumb/clamp) mounting brackets for versatility and ease of use.

We also provide both conventional and tight tail-swing excavators to help meet our customer’s specific needs, and have incorporated heavier counterweights to provide additional stability when operating attachments. Our excavators have also been designed with large hydraulic tanks and high-capacity cooling packages, which ensure that the machines run cool and more efficiently when operating a variety of hydraulic attachments.

Advanced Auxiliary Hydraulic Features

Several models have advanced auxiliary hydraulic features specifically engineered for attachment use. The TB250 and TB153FR hydraulic excavators both feature high-flow primary auxiliary hydraulic circuits that can provide up to 66% more flow than earlier models. This improvement makes them outstanding attachment platforms. Takeuchi also features continuous mode operation as a standard feature on some of our machines for increased versatility and reduced operator fatigue.

Also, the TB180FR features first and second auxiliary hydraulic circuits with high-flow on the primary circuit that can provide up to 110% more hydraulic flow than the previous model. Our newest hydraulic excavator, the TB285, features a turbo-charged engine, increased hydraulic pump capacity, first and second auxiliary hydraulic circuits, in-cab flow adjustments for greater attachment versatility and performance, and multiple working modes including ECO (economy) mode to help reduce fuel consumption.

Additional Considerations for Optimal Performance

Takeuchi has incorporated many features into our equipment in order to optimize attachment usage, but even the most advanced auxiliary hydraulic systems require regular basic maintenance in order to run at peak performance.

Always remember to check and fill up the hydraulic oil level in accordance with the machine’s operator’s manual. It is also important to keep in mind that the use of some attachments may require different service intervals for the hydraulic oil and/or filter. There are also differences in types of hydraulic oil that can change the maintenance requirements of the system, so always check the manual and read the labels to make sure that your machine is being properly maintained.

Basic maintenance will go a long way in preventing damage to your excavator’s auxiliary hydraulic system and attachments, and is one of the most important factors in optimizing performance and efficiency.


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Takeuchi US Product and Training Manager David Caldwell explains some of the innovative hydraulic features on Takeuchi equipment.