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Over a Century of Excellence

Anyone in the market for earthmoving equipment in Missouri and Kansas knows the name Victor L. Phillips. Since 1911, The Victor L. Phillips Company has been evolving in tune with their customers’ needs. In fact, the first product they ever offered their customers was a horse-drawn tipcart – a far cry from the extensive line of compact loaders and excavators they carry today.

The family-owned and operated company has flourished for over a century by providing excellent service to their customers and carrying top of the line equipment. Included in that arsenal of exceptional product lines is Takeuchi. They first began offering Takeuchi in 1994, when they convinced a handful of loyal contractors to give the product line a try. Dan Rude, Eastern Sales Manager for The Victor L. Phillips Company explains how Takeuchi has grown to be one of the company’s most popular equipment lines. “Our company enjoys strong customer relationships and our customers have trusted us to point them in the right direction for over 100 years.  We called upon that trust when we introduced Takeuchi as a new product offering.  Once in the customers’ hands, the product proved itself based upon its superior performance and reliability.  We then backed the product up with our parts and service departments and the reputation spread,” he explains. “As other customers started seeing and hearing about Takeuchi throughout the territory, they too became customers of Victor L. Phillips and users of Takeuchi. It was a nice snowball effect,” adds Rude.

Having been with the company for seven years, Dan Rude understands his customers’ needs. “We service several contractors in our territory from heavy highway contractors to owner operators.  They really like Takeuchi equipment because of the return on investment that they achieve,” explains Rude. “They like the reliability, they like the power, and they like the production value they get out of their Takeuchi equipment.”

Rude has been a firm believer in Takeuchi equipment for quite some time, and by carrying the Takeuchi product line, the features and benefits of the equipment get passed on to their customers in the form of savings on jobsites. “They are very reliable machines. When you start looking at your production costs versus other machines, Takeuchi really performs very well in that manner,” says Rude. Consistency in manufacturing is also an important factor in why Dan Rude puts his faith in Takeuchi. “When you compare Takeuchi with any of the manufacturers out there, they have had a consistent platform that they’ve built from for years. That type of consistency allows you to reproduce quality products over and over again, you get really good at it.”

Rude also attributes the success of Takeuchi to the fact that word-of-mouth between contractors goes a long way in this industry. “We have a very strong marketplace for Takeuchi. When contractors are using your equipment throughout the territory, it gets noticed and people start to inquire.  That creates a phone call to us,” explains Rude.

The Victor L. Phillips Company and Takeuchi both look forward to a long relationship, continuing to offer the toughest, most reliable products on the market in Kansas and Missouri. According to Rude, “I think that the success of Victor L. Phillips, and the success of the Takeuchi product line go hand-in-hand.  Takeuchi can’t do it without dealers like us, and The Victor L. Phillips Company can’t do it without Takeuchi.”


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