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Southern Pride - The Best Machines for Landscaping

After working for years on the family farm in Texas, Matt Hutton settled down, got married, and decided it was time to start his own company. It was his determination and good work ethic that has made Hutton’s Landscapes one of the premier full-service landscaping firms in the Southeast.

Matt Hutton truly does it all. In fact, Hutton’s crew is so versatile, they can take care of pretty much any horizontal work; from grading and excavating, to lawn maintenance and chemical application… and everything in between.

It is safe to say that Matt Hutton knows his way around lawns and jobsites. Most likely, he could tell you the best concrete mix to pour a slab on any given day. Need an erosion control plan for your property? That’s kid’s stuff for Hutton. He could probably mow your lawn with his eyes closed. He could also tell you that the only brand he trusts for earth moving projects is Takeuchi.

Since starting Hutton’s Landscapes, he has tried out a lot of equipment, but always comes back to Takeuchi when it is time to expand his fleet. “I’m a big Takeuchi fan,” explains Hutton. “Over the years, I have probably owned about 15 Takeuchi machines,” he adds. Hutton has had an excellent experience with his equipment; in fact, he has learned that sometimes it is hard to say goodbye to them. “I think I’ve owned pretty much every single type of Takeuchi made, I even had an 1140 for a few years. It was a great machine, I wish I wouldn’t have sold it,” Hutton laughs. Typically, he gets anywhere from 3,000 – 4,500 hours out of his Takeuchi equipment before he decides to turn it in for a newer model.

Hutton’s Landscapes takes great pride in their level of customer service, and Takeuchi has helped him along the way to provide the best results on every project, keeping his customers extremely satisfied. Matt Hutton likes to tell his customers that he is with them from start to finish. The fact that in a little over a decade, Hutton has grown his business from a one-man mowing operation to a comprehensive landscaping firm with over 60 employees should tell you that he does right by his customers. His Takeuchi equipment has been with him every step of the way.

Time after time, it’s been Takeuchi’s reliability that keeps Matt Hutton coming back. “I have never had any problems with the equipment. I’ve owned a ton of machines, and they’re just solid,” says Hutton. “They’re really durable, well-running machines.”

Versatility, reliability, and quality workmanship are all reasons why Matt Hutton trusts his Takeuchi equipment, but there are a few things in particular that he really appreciates. “Takeuchi has, hands-down, the best undercarriage in the business,” he explains. And when it comes down to his bottom line, Hutton is confident that his investment in Takeuchi is a smart one. “It’s priced right, but even so, I would always pay a little bit more for a Takeuchi than a competitor, just because I know for a fact that the Takeuchi is a quality product.”


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