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A Decade of Reliability on the Job

Justin Kemp, owner of Kemp Vallie Contracting of Vancouver, is not afraid to get his hands dirty – and he’s been doing just that with Takeuchi equipment since he started the company over a decade ago.

Since 1997, his company has found its niche in focusing on underground parkades for apartment complexes and townhomes. When Kemp first started the company, he had guys operating his equipment, but nowadays, he runs every facet of the company, from scheduling and logistics to operating the equipment on the jobsite, and that’s the way he likes it. “Honestly, I look back now, and I’m doing better now with a lot less headaches. I like the nightmare schedule, it suits me well,” laughs Kemp.

He has been using Takeuchi equipment since before he even decided to go into business for himself, and has seen the evolution of Takeuchi mini excavators first-hand. The familiarity and consistency in the equipment is one of the main reasons why Kemp has worked his way through generations of Takeuchi mini excavators. “I started off with a TB070, moved to a TB175, and now I’m on the TB285,” explains Kemp. “I ran my TB070 into the ground, and it still had life in it, but after that I went to the TB175. Apart from being newer and tighter, the smooth controls made it feel like stepping into a TB070. You can literally step out of one seat, and into another, and the comfort and control layout is identical. There was no real learning curve to overcome.”

Justin Kemp isn’t one to toot his own horn, but he subtly comments on how his mini excavator makes him look pretty good on the job site. “I’m so used to Takeuchi now, and on the site, guys will just literally tell me that I haven’t left them anything to do on the ground because grading with it is so easy.”

Another reason why Kemp has put his trust and livelihood in Takeuchi equipment for years is because of the versatility of the equipment. He explains, “If a piece of equipment wasn’t perfectly suited for what I’m doing, I would be looking at a lot of time wasted. Anything I can get done inside the equipment is less labor on the ground for me. That’s the huge plus about Takeuchi, because it’s so easy to work with, and so versatile, that it chops the amount of ground labor drastically.”

Takeuchi’s superior service has also been important to Kemp’s loyalty to the line of mini excavators. “It always seems like a really quick response from Takeuchi. Anytime anything has had to go past the dealership, response time has always been lightning fast,” says Kemp.  “They have always been helpful when you have problems or questions.”

The fact that Takeuchi mini excavators are extremely user-friendly has also made Kemp’s experience with Takeuchi a positive one. “I’m not saying that if you didn’t know how to run a machine that you could run it, but it is extremely easy to run,” says Kemp. “When you get in a rhythm where the equipment is working for you, it makes everything so much easier.”

Make no mistake; Kemp has tried other equipment. Competitors have often times come to Kemp asking him to try their mini excavators, but Kemp always comes back to his Takeuchi equipment. “Other companies have come to me asking me to try their equipment – and I have tried it, but I have never ran anything that is more forgiving to the operator than what Takeuchi is producing.”



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