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Great Customer Service and Cutting-Edge Technology

Gary Carlson, owner of Gary Carlson Equipment in Blaine, Minnesota, has had a long-standing relationship with Takeuchi. Since the early 80’s, Carlson has been in the business of renting Takeuchi mini excavators. The relationship that has spanned three decades began by accident when a handful of Takeuchi mini excavators ended up on their equipment yard. In spite of initial skepticism from his customers, Takeuchi mini excavators found some immediate success at Gary Carlson Equipment. “Two weeks later, they were all on rent, and that launched a Takeuchi mini excavator program,” says Carlson.

Carlson Equipment follows a simple philosophy: to focus on a select group of customers they know personally; to focus on a limited product set with an emphasis on cutting-edge technologies; and to focus on service to make them the preferred supplier in the upper Midwest. To accomplish these goals, Gary has assembled a veteran team, with an average of nearly 20 years industry experience. Gary and his team are committed to in-stock and local inventory availability that they feel is crucial in providing excellent service to their customers. As a specialty distributor, Gary Carlson Equipment has always had a significant sales component to their organization.

The original Carlson Equipment was sold to United Rentals in 1998, and the company was re-launched in 2003, after a five-year non-compete contract expired. Never expecting to return to the equipment business, Gary began receiving phone calls from contractors, urging him to get back into the industry. At the time the original Carlson Equipment was sold, they had around 35 Takeuchi mini excavators. A couple of years after the new company began in 2003, which initially began as a shoring rental and sales dealership, Gary found himself in a position to add additional products. When faced with the question of how Carlson wanted to build up his fleet, he recalls that it was an easy decision to go with Takeuchi. “One of the first [products added] were Takeuchi minis,” explains the company founder.

Carlson has been operating with Takeuchi solely as a rental outlet, and this relationship has proven extremely beneficial for their customers. “Many of our customers own machines, but they always need another, or they need a different size depending on the scope of the project.  Availability of Takeuchi is something that has been embraced by contractors,” adds Carlson.

In addition to offering a full range of mini excavators up to the TB180FR, they also offer Takeuchi track loaders. Carlson has had a lot of success renting Takeuchi mini excavators, specifically the TB135 and the TB138. On the skid loader side, the best seller is the TL230. Carlson claims its popularity in the marketplace has to do with the fact that it simply saves his customers money.

Ensuring that his customers’ projects are successful was another important reason why Carlson chose to carry Takeuchi equipment. “When it comes to the track cost comparison between Takeuchi and the CAT equipment, you just can’t afford to run a CAT skid loader.  Retail prices really reflect that,” says Carlson. “Performance is incredible. Takeuchi builds a great machine, and the cost comparison between the different machines is real – it’s easy for these guys to figure. Even the guys who are die-hard CAT guys are certainly having to reevaluate.” Carlson is a proud Takeuchi user, and continues to help his customers make the right decisions to ensure their projects’ success.


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