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Operating Weight: 8,316 lbs.

HP (net): 28.8 hp

Dig Depth: 10' 11"

Operating Weight: 12,450 lbs.

HP (net): 38.7 hp

Dig Depth: 12' 10"

Operating Weight: 18,370 lbs.

HP (net): 60.8 hp

Dig Depth: 14' 11"

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Zero Swing Excavators

Takeuchi Zero Swing Excavators provide the highest level of quality and performance.
Designed for power, comfort and reliability, our zero swing excavators are the result
of extensive research, testing and refinement and are reliable to own, comfortable to
operate and provide unsurpassed performance on the job.

Each of our zero swing excavators come with a 2-year, 2,000 hour full machine
warranty as standard equipment. An optional P3 Power Protection Plan offers
selectable coverage levels for Powertrain, Powertrain and Hydraulics or no-deductible
full machine plans.

Additional features of our zero swing excavators include:

  • Patented side-to-side [STS] offset boom system combined with a zero tail swing allows the FR machines to slew 360°, inches beyond the excavators track width
  • Tilt-up operator's platform combined with fully opening engine compartment offers quick service access
  • Automatic fuel bleed system eliminates the downtime and service calls required to bleed conventional fuel systems
  • Control pattern selector valve allows for quick change of operating controls between SAE and ISO patterns to accommodate operator preferences
  • Variable displacement piston pumps efficiently utilize engine horsepower while continuously adjusting power and speed for fast cycle times
  • Progressive proportional slide switch is standard on all models except the TB108 and TB016
  • Low center of gravity offers the stability and craning capacities of conventional excavators and the added functionality of working in exceptionally confined areas

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