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Powerful and nimble, the TL8 is the latest track loader in the Takeuchi line-up.  The TL8 features increased operating capacity and greater engine power allowing you to complete the toughest jobs. 

Takeuchi has developed a new selectable attachment control system for the TL8 that provides three adjustable attachment settings where you can program attachment specific hydraulic flow rates from the comfort of the operator’s seat.  This exciting new feature further enhances the capability of the TL8 and enables you to optimize the machine to the job at hand.  When combined with the standard 14 pin connector, multi-function control handle, and fingertip proportional controls, you no longer have a compact track loader, you now have an extremely capable tracked tool carrier.

Designed for optimal operator comfort, the cab of the TL8 features a spacious interior with a fully adjustable high back suspension seat, a roll-up door for those nice days, and improved HVAC performance for those not-so-nice days.  To further sweeten the pot, the cab on TL8 is now pressurized, ride performance is improved, and the controls have been enhanced.  

Unmatched and extremely responsive, the precision pilot controls found on the TL8 become an extension of the operator.  To improve versatility a pattern change selector valve is available and it allows the operator to quickly and easily change from standard ISO, Takeuchi controls to an “H” control pattern.

Finally, for superior strength and durability the TL8 features a fully welded, purpose built frame.  Integrated cross members and an industry exclusive undercarriage that maintains steel-to-steel contact between the large, heavy duty rollers and forged steel imbeds that are incorporated into the rubber track result in a long life track system that will withstand many hours on the job.  Double reduction planetary drives are exceptionally powerful and are positioned rearward allowing more contact points between the sprocket and the track delivering unparalleled traction forces and better track durability.


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Operating Weight - Canopy
8,455 lb
Operating Weight - Cab
8,631 lb
Tipping Load
6,020 lb
ROC (SAE J818 standard 35% tipping load*)
2,105 lb
ROC with Optional Counterwewight
    2,323 lb
Operating Load at 50% of Tipping Load
3,010 lb
Bucket Breakout Force
6,856 lb
Lift Arm Breakout Force
6,709 lb
Traction Force
9,127 lb
Cycle time
     Raise-Full Load
     Lower-No Load
     Dump-Full Load
     Curl-No Load
*Operating capacity of track loaders to be rated according to SAE J818 at no more than 35% of the tipping load
Make / Model
Kubota / V3307-CR-Turbo
Tier Rating
EPA Final Tier 4
Cylinders / Displacement
4/203 cu in (3.3L)
74.3 hp (53.2 kW)
Rated / Max Engine Speed
Maximum Torque
192 ft-lb @ 1,500 rpm (260 Nm)
Engine Lubrication
11.2 qt (11.8 L)
Cooling System
14.8 qt (14.0 L)
Fuel Tank Capacity
19.8 gal (75.0 L)
Fuel Consumption (65% of full load)
2.69 gal / hr (10.2 L/hr)
Electrical System
12 volts / 60 amps
Traction Drive Type
Hydrostatic Drive w/ Double Reduction Planetary Final Drive
Parking Brake
Spring Applied, Hydraulically Released Multiple Wet Friction Disc
Track Roller Type
Permanently Sealed Rollers with Metal Face Seals
Track Rollers
5 per side
Track Width
15.7 in (400 mm)
Track Ground Contact Length
54.7 in (1,390 mm)
Ground Pressure
4.4 psi (30.2 kPa)
4.5 psi (30.8 kPa)
Maximum Travel Speed
4.6 mph (7.4 km/hr)
6.8 mph (11.0 km/hr)
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity
10.3 gal (39.0 L)
Hydraulic System Capacity
15.3 gal (58.0 L)
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow
18.4 gal / min (69.5 L/min)
System Operating Pressure
3,046 psi (21 MPa)
Front Clearance Radius without Bucket
4 ft 6.0 in (1,375 mm)
Rear Clearance Radius
5 ft 2.4 in (1,585 mm)
Angle of Departure
30 degrees
Maximum Lift Height to Bucket Pin
9 ft 11.0 in (3,030 mm)
Dump Height Fully Raised
7 ft 9.0 in (2,370 mm)
Maximum Dump Angle Fully Raised
38.5 degrees
Maximum Bucket Rollback at Ground Level
30.0 degrees
Reach Fully Raised
2 ft 4.7 in (730 mm)
Overall Width Without Bucket
5 ft 5.4 in (1,660 mm)
Overall Height
6 ft 11.9 in (2,130 mm)
Overall Length (without bucket)
8 ft 11.8 in (2,740 mm)
Minimum Ground Clearance
12.1 in (310 mm)


  • EPA Final Tier 4 Turbocharged with DPF
  • Automatic Fuel Bleed System
  • Extended Life Coolant
  • Dual Element Air Filter, with Pre-Cleaner


  • Electronic Monitoring System that Includes Fuel, Coolant, and Temperature Gauges
  • 12 volt System with 60 amp Alternator
  • Halogen Work Lights: Front and Rear
  • Engine Preheat
  • Hour Meter
  • Back-up Alarm


  • Permanently Sealed Track Rollers with Metal Face Seals
  • Welded Track Frame with Multiple Cross Members
  • Two-Speed Travel
  • 15.7" Rubber Track with Integrated Steel Cables and Forged Steel Inserts
  • Available 12.6" Rubber Track with Integrated Steel Cables and Forged Steel Inserts


  • Cushioned Boom Cylinders
  • Pilot Controls
  • Electrohydraulic Push Button and Proportional Control of Auxiliary Hydraulics with Standard Detent and Selectable One-Way Operation
  • Standard Flat Faced Coupler Body
  • 14-Pin Connector with Push Button Control
  • Hydraulic Self Leveling
  • Available High Flow Auxiliary Circuit 33 gal / min
  • Available Control Pattern Change Valve


  • Radial Boom Design
  • Mechanical Bucket Quick Coupler
  • Available Hydraulic Quick Coupler
  • Available 67" HD Smooth Lip or Tooth Bucket (14.3 cu ft)
  • Available 76" HD Smooth Lip or Tooth Bucket (20.3 cu ft)
  • Available 7' Six-Way Dozer Blade
  • Available  48" HD Pallet Forks and Frame
  • Available Counterweight Kit (350 lbs)


  • Tilt-up Operator Station
  • Pilot Operated Controls
  • Deluxe Adjustable Suspension Seat
  • Rear Pivoting Seat Bar with Integrated Arm Rest
  • ROPS / FOPS Structure
  • 2" Retractable Seat Belt
  • Available 3" Retractable Seat Belt
  • Available 3 Point Retractable Seat Belt
  • Available Enclosed Cab with Air Conditioner, Heat, Defrost, Wiper, Front Glass with Cylinder Assisted Lift
  • Available AM / FM / MP3 Radio with NOAA Weather band


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